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Romanian Youth Chess Championship 2012

The Romanian Youth Chess Championship 2012 took place 2-8 April in Calimanesti-Caciulata. Over 400 players participated in the event, which was held in 14 different groups.

The event is one of the major chess tournaments in Romania for the year and will be followed by a massive rapid tournament. Just in a month an already traditional event starts in the chess booming country, the Kings Tournament 2012 with Anand, Carlsen, Radjabov, Ivanchuk, and Karjakin participating.

Here are the medal winners of each division:

Boys U20 – NM Alexandru-Ovidiu Stanciu (gold), IM Robin-Alexandru Dragomirescu (silver), NM Robert Hajbok (bronze)

Boys U18 – CM Alexandru Pop (gold), CM Dan-Sebastian Horvat (silver), CM Vlad-Ionut Stegariu (bronze)

Boys U16 – CM Mihai-Eugen Bida (gold), CM Stefan Tomici (silver), Stefan Manole (bronze)

Boys U14 – Matei-Ionut Acsinte (gold), Andrei-Theodor Dolana (silver), Robert-Paul Nastase (bronze)

Boys U12 – Bogdan-Daniel Deac (gold), Marian-Catalin Sandu (silver), Alexandru Calin (bronze)

Boys U10 – CM David Gavrilescu (gold), Cezar-Stelian Zlatea (silver), Mircea Talu (bronze)

Boys U8 – Mihnea-Ionut Ognean (gold), Mihai-Edward Padurariu (silver), Cristi-Iulian Coca (bronze)

Girls U20 – WNM Madalina-Maria Anusca (gold), WNM Maria Vasilescu (silver), WCM Maria-Ruxandra Ilie (bronze)

Girls U18 – WFM Mihaela-Veronica Foisor (gold), WCM Ioana Gelip (silver), Diana-Maria Serbanescu (bronze)

Girls U16 – WCM Andreea-Marioara Cosman (gold), WFM Daria-Ioana Visanescu (silver), Maria-Andreea Ungureanu (bronze)

Girls U14 – Elena Bulmaga (gold), WCM Diana-Elena Cusmuliuc (silver), Diana-Alexandra Ciungan (bronze)

Girls U12 – Emilia-Florentina Coman (gold), Codruta-Alexa Copilu (silver), Andreea-Briana Stanciu (bronze)

Girls U10 – Denisa-Andreea Bucur (gold), Smaranda-Georgiana Azamfirei (silver), Thea-Elena Boboc (bronze)

Girls U8 – Miruna-Daria Lehaci (gold), Maria Anghel (silver), Ema Obada (bronze)

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