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RSSU International Chess Cup, Moscow

The Moscow closed Grandmaster events, aka RSSU International Chess Cup, starts just in a few days with the participation of many young stars.

In the open section we will see the Under 18 World Champion, an Armenian champion, one of the youngest Grandmasters in the world, participant of the World Cup 2011, medalists from Capelle la Grande, the European Junior champion, the winner of the open tournament of Moscow Open 2011, and the strongest talents of RSSU.

In the women section there is the youngest female grandmaster in Russia and Europe at the age of 15, winners of the World Youth Chess Championships, the two-time women’s champion of Moldova, the current champion of Belarus, the Russian Champion among girls under 18, the Moscow champion of 2011.

Moscow Open 2012, GM tournament


 RUSSIA FIDE rating – 2625 FIDE rating  2621  ARMENIA
Matlakov Maxim GM, born in 1991Under 18 World Champion (Kemer, Turkey, 2009)Saint-Petersburg Champion 2009  Grigoryan AvetikGM, born in 1989Armenian Champion 2009 



 USA FIDE rating – 2596 FIDE rating – 2594  UKRAINA
Robson Ray GM, born in 1994One of the youngest Grandmasters in the worldParticipant of the World Cup 2009USA Junior Champion



Zherebukh Yaroslav GM, born in 1994Winner of the Capelle-La-GrandeOpen tournament (France, 2010)and an international junior tournament Young stars of the world

(Saint-Petersburg, 2010)

Participant of the World Cup 2011


 SPAIN FIDE rating – 2586  FIDE rating– 2583  POLAND
 Ipatov Alexander GM, born in 1993Under 16 and Under 20Ukrainian Vice Champion (2008)3rd place at the Cappelle-la Grande Open (France, 2011)


 Sviercz Dariusz GM, born in 1994The youngest Grandmaster in the history of PolandEuropean Junior Champion 2011 
 RUSSIA FIDE rating – 2522 FIDE rating – 2521  TURKEY
Belous Vladimir IM, born in 1993Winner of the open tournament of Moscow Open 2011RSSU student 

Yilmaz MustafaIM, born in 1992Turkish national team memberThe youngest champion of Turkey (at the age of 17)RSSU studen
 RUSSIA FIDE rating– 2514 FIDE rating – 2460    RUSSIA
Reshetnikov Alexey IM, born in 1988RSSU PhD student  Stukopin AndreyIM, born in 1994RSSU student 


Moscow Open 2012, GM tournament women


  GEORGIA FIDE rating  2426    FIDE rating 2389   RUSSIA
Batsiashvili Nino WGMParticipant of the Women’s Georgian Chess Championship 2011 Kashlinskaya Alina WGMThe youngest female grandmaster in Russia and Europe at the age of 15The winner of the Russian Team Chess Championship with SHSM-RGSU teamSilver medalist of the World Junior Chess Championship

The Student of RSSU

 INDIA FIDE rating – 2386  FIDE rating – 2377   POLAND
Padmini RoutWGMWoman International Grandmaster at the age 13.The winner of the World Youth Chess Championship (G14, 2008).Bronze medal Winner of the World Junior Chess Championship (2010)

A member of the Indian women’s national team

Szczepkowska-Horowska KarinaWGMVice world champion under 16 (2003)Multiple finalist of the Polish women’s championshipSilver medal winner of the European

Championship as a member of the Polish women’s national team

 ROMANIA FIDE rating – 2360  FIDE rating – 2333   RUSSIA
Bulmaga IrinaWIMMultiple winner of the World School Chess ChampionshipsTwo-time women’s champion of Moldova (2007, 2008)She has moved to another federation and is now playing for the Romanian women’s national team Goryachkina AleksandraWIMWorld Champion among girls under 14 (2011)Winner of the Russian National Cup stage among women – Rudenko memorial (2011)
 RUSSIA FIDE rating – 2303  FIDE rating – 2290  BELORUSSIA
Pustovoytova DariaWIMFIDE rating: 2303Russian Champion among girls under 18 (2011) Zezulkina AnastasiaWIMTwo-time World Champion among girls under 16 (2010 and 2011)Two-time Women’s Champion of Belorussia (2010 and 2012)Selected as a participant of the World Women’s Cup 2012
 RUSSIA FIDE rating – 2242  FIDE rating – 2185   RUSSIA
Drozdova DinaMoscow champion 2011The Graduate of RSSU Severina Maria European Champion among girls under 16 (2011)


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