Russian Chess Federation sues Chess Olympiad organizers

RCF logoThe Russian Chess Federation has filed a lawsuit against the COT2014 – organizers of the Chess Olympiad – in the local Tromsø court, Newsinenglish.no reported.

The Norwegian portal tries to link the RCF lawsuit and announcements of Russian government related to the closing of airspace for European airlines. The portal consistently used the term “Russians” instead of Chess Federation. RCF CEO Mark Glukhovsky laughed at the attempt: “RCF is independent organization”, he said.

“RCF has engaged Law firm Østgård DA of Tromsø to act on its behalf in the legal action taken before the Tromsø District Court against the COT2014”, RCF lawyer said.

Newsinenglish.no quotes TV2 report that the claim against the organizers of the Chess Olympiad is for the equivalent of NOK 1.2 million (around USD 200,000), to cover the RCF cost of hiring lawyers to protest their initial exclusion from the Chess Olympiad.

Trond Skogly, attorney for the Chess Olympiad organizers, told TV2: “We have responded that we reject their claim as groundless,” adding that he expected the court to process the case quickly.

RCF is also interested in quick resolution, because according to their lawyer – “As per today available public information, the COT2014 faces serious financial challenges, and there are reasons to believe the attempt to recover the loss will be in vain if RCF is not allowed to seize some of the COT2014’s assets. This is the reason for the petition for freezing assets which has now been filed with the Court in Tromsø. The recourse for provisional measures is justified and as well reasonable, given the financial situation of the COT2014”.

Mark Glukhovsky said that for RCF is important that the local court accepted to hear the case, instead of immediately rejecting the claim.

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