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Saint Louis Chess Club with anti-cheating measures during the US Championship 2022

The 2022 U.S. Chess Championship will be held from 4-20 October simultaneously with the US Women’s Chess Championship 2022, and features 14 of the strongest chess players in America. Over the course of 13 rounds, these competitors will battle for $250,500 in prize money and the coveted title of 2022 U.S. Champion.

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In view of the ongoing scandal between Carlsen and Niemann and the events during the Sinquefield Cup, the organizers from the Saint Louis Chess Club have clarified their position on cheating. They will also implement strict anti-cheating measures during the US Chess Championship. Here is the full statement:

Over more than a decade, we have worked tirelessly to fuel a resurgence of chess in America, to create a place for elite chess players to play at the highest levels for the greatest purses, and to democratize access to chess to all players, no matter age, race or skill set.

It’s been remarkable to see the widespread discussion around chess over the past several weeks, but it’s important that we are clear on our position as it relates to cheating. We take great pride in being able to host the top chess players from across the world at the Saint Louis Chess Club. As with all events, it’s imperative that we maintain high standards for fair tournament play. We always have – and will continue – to implement extensive anti-cheating measures. As we prepare for the upcoming U.S. Chess and U.S. Women’s Chess Championships, we anticipate hosting another successful event, complete with rigorous protocols to ensure the best chess players in the country can continue to compete on an even playing field.

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