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Salem A.R. Saleh – Denis Khismatullin match

Salem Al Saleh – Denis Khismatullin

Salem A.R. Saleh – Denis Khismatullin

Salem A.R. Saleh and Denis Khismatullin will play a 8 game classical time control friendly match from 07.01 to 15.01 in UAE. The match is organized by the UAE Chess Federation, and it is the first of series of matches of training matches for Salem A.R. Saleh with top Grandmasters. Chessdom Arena with triple engine analysis will be the official broadcaster of the match.

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Salem A.R. Saleh – Denis Khismatullin, Game 1

In the first game Salem played with the white pieces. Khismatullin chose Caro-Kann defense, an opening normally not seen in his repertoire. Going for the not so popular 9…hxg4 move, Khismatullin showed good preparation, playing quickly and confidently. Salem, taken by surprise, was out out of his opening preparation and was forced to find an ‘over the board’ solutions as early as move 10 in a strategically very complicated position.

Those circumstances played a decisive role and on move 12 Salem committed a decisive error playing 12. f4 (instead of 12. O-O-O) ultimately resulting in a position where due to white’s pawn structure the guest from Russia obtained a clear strategic advantage. Once in the ‘driving seat’, Denis safely brought home a full point in game 1.

Here is a replay of game 1. All games will be available here

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