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Sam Shankland: Chess Calculation Workbook

Imagine you could sit down with one of the strongest players in the world for your tactics training. After every problem, you compare notes – what you saw, what he saw. You talk about your thought processes and tips for solving the problems. Every exercise, you get this same detailed explanation from a 2700+ rated Grandmaster. Well, that’s exactly the idea behind Shankland’s Chess Calculation Workbook.

2018 US Champion and double Olympiad gold medalist Sam Shankland returns to Chessable with his first ever calculation course. And with it, you can take the very same calculation training that took Sam from an “unpromising player” to one of the strongest in the world. The 300 exercises inside are from GM Shankland’s own training workbook – given to him by his trusted coach, the legendary Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard. And now he presents them for you to solve and make your own rating leaps.

Replay: Sam Shankland in Chessable Masters

Candidate moves – Learn to find unintuitive first moves that are the key to making your combinations work and improve your over-the-board tactical vision

Combinations – Practice getting the move orders and move trees right in even the longest sequences

Defense – Not recognizing your opponent’s resources is one of the biggest causes of game-losing blunders. Practice fending off attacks and ducking and weaving your opponent’s tactics in a dedicated chapter

Endgames – The wide open board and few pieces remaining make endgame tactics unique and difficult – make sure you stay sharp in the 11th hour

Get your copy of Sam Shankland Chess Calculation Workbook here

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