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Say hello to the chess streamers!

Chess streamers are experiencing a huge boom in traffic and audience. It is wonderful to see chess thriving in video platforms, with instructive classes and/or interactive chess fun. Chess streams and videos break boundaries and travel limitations and reach every corner of the world.

Just recently Hikaru Nakamura, arguably the top chess streamer, broke 100 000 000 views on Twitch. Others, like Anna Rudolf, Alexandra Botez, or GothamChess are also gunning for a similar number of views. “It’s getting big exposure in a way that I don’t think has happened in a very long time,” says Nakamura in an interview with WIRED.

Yet, a deeper look into the viewers flow paints a bizarre picture – a small group of chess streamers receive more than 90% of the total chess audience on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. It is true that this group of famous streamers are producing fantastic content, yet there are hundreds (literally hundreds!) other streamers out there that have high quality productions, but no chance to spread the word for upcoming streams.

A new mission for Chessdom

The new version of Chessdom was launched with series of concrete goals, among them are high visibility of women and girls chess and promotion of young chess talents – both with prominent display and their own sections on the main page.

Now we add another mission to the list: to bring you high quality chess streamers that deserve worldwide attention. For this reason a chess streamers section is created and it will have its own prominent display at Chessdom.

Who is joining the Chessdom streamers section?

After researching 157 streams, we have come to a selection of 12 streamers from four continents. Six of them will be presented today, and six more in a follow-up article.

All the streamers produce very high level of content. It is an honor to have them as part of the streamers section on Chessdom! Welcome and enjoy the ride!

WIM Rucha Pujari

WIM Rucha Pujari is a professional chess player from India. Among many other achievements Rucha Pujari is a holder of eight medals from Asian Chess Championships in different categories, four medals from Commonwealth Chess Championships, fifteen (!) medals from National Chess Championships including six gold medals. She recently became a Twitch Partner and is shooting for the moon with regular high quality content

Visit the streamer profile of WIM Rucha Pujari

GM Mircea Parligras

The two times Romanian champion and 8 times Chess Olympiads participant is heavy artillery. His stream contains nuances that you can find only at top GM level classes.

Visit the streamer profile of GM Mircea Parligras

FM Calvin Klaasen

At Chessdom we love African chess, now it is time for African chess to give back to Chessdom viewers. FM Calvin Klaasen is the South Africa National Champion for 2017 and has played in multiple Chess Olympiads. The diversity in his chess stream is admirable.

Visit the streamer profile of FM Calvin Klaasen

WIM Andreea Novratescu

From chess for beginners to more advanced studies, Andreea impressed during the Women’s and Girls weekend. She is is a Team Vitality Ambassador and Twitch partner. Her regular streams in English and French are always a pleasure to watch.

Visit the streamer profile of WIM Andreea Novratescu

FM Lefong Hua

Last but not least, say hello to Lefong Hua – a Professional Chess Coach & Twitch Partner from Montreal, Canada. A true natural of chess streaming – with an easy going and enjoyable style, it is always a pleasure to join his stream. His cat Benoni adds a few extra ELO points to the quality of the live videos

Visit the streamer profile of FM Lefong Hua

FM Peter Giannatos

A book can be written on what Peter has done for the Charlotte chess community. Besides his tireless work with the Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy, he is dedicated to bringing to the world quality chess streams every Tuesday and Thursday. His recent one on Svetozar Gligoric was a masterpiece!

Visit the streamer profile of GM Peter Giannatos

Six more streamers will be added to the list in the next hours. Meanwhile, a heartily welcome to WIM Rucha Pujari, GM Mircea Parligras, FM Calvin Klaasen, WIM Andreea Novratescu, FM Lefong Hua, and FM Peter Giannatos!

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