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Serbian Women Chess Championship 2012

The Serbian Women Chess Championship 2012 will take place March 22 – April 1. It is a round robin including 12 players of which 5 WGMs and 4 WIMs. Top seeded is WGM Andjelija Stojanovic, see full list of participants and pairings below.

Anjelija Stojanovic and Jovana Eric

Ljilja Drljevic


1 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija 2324
9 WGM Manakova Maria 2315
5 WGM Benderac Ana 2294
2 WIM Drljevic Ljilja 2278
12 WIM Rakic Marija 2267
4 WGM Chelushkina Irina 2263
10 WIM Eric Jovana 2243
6 WGM Maksimovic Suzana 2227
8 WIM Djukic Sandra 2203
11 Panic Anastasija 1967
7 Nonkovic Bogdana 1900
3 Tomin Ksenija 1876


1 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija WIM Rakic Marija
2 WIM Drljevic Ljilja Panic Anastasija
3 Tomin Ksenija WIM Eric Jovana
4 WGM Chelushkina Irina WGM Manakova Maria
5 WGM Benderac Ana WIM Djukic Sandra
6 WGM Maksimovic Suzana Nonkovic Bogdana
1 WIM Rakic Marija Nonkovic Bogdana
2 WIM Djukic Sandra WGM Maksimovic Suzana
3 WGM Manakova Maria WGM Benderac Ana
4 WIM Eric Jovana WGM Chelushkina Irina
5 Panic Anastasija Tomin Ksenija
6 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija WIM Drljevic Ljilja
1 WIM Drljevic Ljilja WIM Rakic Marija
2 Tomin Ksenija WGM Stojanovic Andjelija
3 WGM Chelushkina Irina Panic Anastasija
4 WGM Benderac Ana WIM Eric Jovana
5 WGM Maksimovic Suzana WGM Manakova Maria
6 Nonkovic Bogdana WIM Djukic Sandra
1 WIM Rakic Marija WIM Djukic Sandra
2 WGM Manakova Maria Nonkovic Bogdana
3 WIM Eric Jovana WGM Maksimovic Suzana
4 Panic Anastasija WGM Benderac Ana
5 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija WGM Chelushkina Irina
6 WIM Drljevic Ljilja Tomin Ksenija
1 Tomin Ksenija WIM Rakic Marija
2 WGM Chelushkina Irina WIM Drljevic Ljilja
3 WGM Benderac Ana WGM Stojanovic Andjelija
4 WGM Maksimovic Suzana Panic Anastasija
5 Nonkovic Bogdana WIM Eric Jovana
6 WIM Djukic Sandra WGM Manakova Maria
1 WIM Rakic Marija WGM Manakova Maria
2 WIM Eric Jovana WIM Djukic Sandra
3 Panic Anastasija Nonkovic Bogdana
4 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija WGM Maksimovic Suzana
5 WIM Drljevic Ljilja WGM Benderac Ana
6 Tomin Ksenija WGM Chelushkina Irina
1 WGM Chelushkina Irina WIM Rakic Marija
2 WGM Benderac Ana Tomin Ksenija
3 WGM Maksimovic Suzana WIM Drljevic Ljilja
4 Nonkovic Bogdana WGM Stojanovic Andjelija
5 WIM Djukic Sandra Panic Anastasija
6 WGM Manakova Maria WIM Eric Jovana
1 WIM Rakic Marija WIM Eric Jovana
2 Panic Anastasija WGM Manakova Maria
3 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija WIM Djukic Sandra
4 WIM Drljevic Ljilja Nonkovic Bogdana
5 Tomin Ksenija WGM Maksimovic Suzana
6 WGM Chelushkina Irina WGM Benderac Ana
1 WGM Benderac Ana WIM Rakic Marija
2 WGM Maksimovic Suzana WGM Chelushkina Irina
3 Nonkovic Bogdana Tomin Ksenija
4 WIM Djukic Sandra WIM Drljevic Ljilja
5 WGM Manakova Maria WGM Stojanovic Andjelija
6 WIM Eric Jovana Panic Anastasija
1 WIM Rakic Marija Panic Anastasija
2 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija WIM Eric Jovana
3 WIM Drljevic Ljilja WGM Manakova Maria
4 Tomin Ksenija WIM Djukic Sandra
5 WGM Chelushkina Irina Nonkovic Bogdana
6 WGM Benderac Ana WGM Maksimovic Suzana
1 WGM Maksimovic Suzana WIM Rakic Marija
2 Nonkovic Bogdana WGM Benderac Ana
3 WIM Djukic Sandra WGM Chelushkina Irina
4 WGM Manakova Maria Tomin Ksenija
5 WIM Eric Jovana WIM Drljevic Ljilja
6 Panic Anastasija WGM Stojanovic Andjelija

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