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Shakhriyar Mamedyarov promotes Knight to defeat Nepo in style (VIDEO)

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov scored perfect 3/3 during the second day of the Saint Louis 9XL Chess heading into the last day as the co-leader of the tournament. Mamedyarov confessed in the post-game interview that he enjoys 960 Chess (Fischer Random) more than classical chess, though he is not always sure how to castle thus he consults the arbiter. Shakh’s Day 2 of the tournament finished with another interesting situation as he promoted Knight to defeat Ian Nepomniachtchi in style. Mamedyarov could have promoted the Queen as well, but explained in the interview that he was tired and wanted to finish the game with a check. See the video and replay the game below

Only two weeks ago, Mamedyarov had a huge problem with legal/illegal moves in the Saint Louis Chess Club. Shakh lost a game to Ian Nepomniachtchi after performing two illegal moves in one game!

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