Sheikh Russel Memorial Sporting Club wins WALTON Premier Division Chess League

Bangladesh chess championshipSheikh Russel Memorial Sporting Club  became unbeaten champion in the WALTON Premier Division Chess League 2015 sponsored by the renowned and famous electrical, electronics, automobiles and home appliances Manufacturer Company WALTON group and organised by Bangladesh Chess Federation was held at N.S.C. Tower Auditorium Lounge of National Sports Council. Sheikh Russel Memorial earned 15 points out of 8 games to clinch the title of the highest team event in Bangladesh.

Sheikh Russel Memorial first time participated in the Premier Division Chess League-2015 and became champion. Last year champion Bangladesh Navy Chess Team became Runners-up. Sheikh Russel Memorial and Bangladesh Navy both earned 15 points each. According to rules of the event their tie was broken by game points. Champion Sheikh Russel earned 27 game points and runners-up Bangladesh Navy earned 26 game points.

Players of Sheikh Russel Memorial are: Indian GM Dibyendu Barua, Indian IM Diptayan Ghosh, FM Mehdi Hasan Parag, GM Niaz Mueshed, FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman and CM Sohel Chowdhury and non playing Captain Md. Mokaddes Hossain.

Players of Bangladesh Navy are: FM Md. Taibur Rahman, GM Mollah Abdullah Al Rakib, IM Mohammad Minhaz Uddin, GM Enamul Hossain, GM Ziaur Rahman and FM Sk. Nasir Ahmed. Official of Navy Team is: Commander M S Hasan. Golden Sporting Club became 3rd with 10 points. Golden Sporting played Premier Division from last 1st Division Chess League. Players of Golden Sporting are: IM Abu Sufian Shakil, Indian Prantik Roy, FM Debaraj Chatterjee, Indian Srijit Paul, WIM Rani Hamid and Md. Masum Rahi.

Board prizes were awarded as follows:

Board 1: GM Dibyendu Barua – 5.5/7 points, 78.6%
Board 2: GM Mohhal Abdullah Al Rakib and IM Diptayan Ghosh, – 7.5/8 points each, 93.8%
Board 3: FM Mehdi Hasan Parag – 6.5/7 points, 92.9%
Board 4: GM Niaz Murshed – 5.5/7 points, 78.6%
Reserve player: GM Ziaur Rahman, 7/7 points, 100%
Second reserve player: Md. Sharif Hossain, 3.5/6 points, 58.3%

First Division Chess League roll of honor

1977 – Mohammadan S.C.
1980 – Bangladesh Biman
1981 – Mohammdan S.C.
1982 – Brothers Union
1983 – Bangladesh Biman
1984 – Bangladesh Ansar
1985 – Bengal Group
1986, 1987 – Brothers Union
1988 – Brothers Union
1989 – Brothers Union
1990 – Bangladesh Biman
1991 – Bangladesh Biman
1992 – Bangladesh Biman
1993 – Brothers Union
1994 – Brothers Union,
1995 – Mohammdan S.C.
1996 – Mohammadan S.C.
1997 – Leonine Chess Club
1998 – Bangladesh Biman
1999 – Bangladesh Biman
2000 – Titas Club
2001, 2002, 2003 – Bangladesh Biman
2004, 2005 – Leonine Chess Club
2006, 2007 – Bangladesh Biman
2008 – Destiny 2000 Limited
2009 – Bangladesh Biman
2010 – Bangladesh Biman

Premier Division Chess League roll of honor

2011 – Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club
2012 – Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club
2013 – Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club
2014 – Bangladesh Navy Chess Team and Runners-Up- Champion- Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club

Final ranking:

1. Sheikh Russel Memorial Sporting Club – 15 match points, 27 points
2. Bangladesh Navy Chess Team – 15 match points, 26 points
3. Golden Sporting Club – 10 match points, 21 points
4. Bangladesh Navy Chess Team Junior – 9 match points, 14.5 points
5. Titas Club – 7 match points, 13.5 points
6. Sonali Bank Sports & Recreation Club – 5 match points, 13 points
7. Pritam-Prism Chess Club, Narayaganj – 4 match points, 10.5 points
8. Sultana Kamal Smirity Pathagar – 4 match points, 8.5 points
9. Leonine Chess Club – 3 match points, 10 points

2015 champion Sheikh Russel Memorial Sporting Club

2015 champion Sheikh Russel Memorial Sporting Club

Silver medalists Bangladesh Navy

Silver medalists Bangladesh Navy

Bronze medalists Golden Sporting Club

Bronze medalists Golden Sporting Club

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