Silver Lake Chess Festival 2016

The Silver Lake Chess Festival 2016 is set to take place from 19-26th June in Danubia Park Hotel on Silver Lake, Serbia.

The Festival is organized by the Branicevo Chess Union, Chess Club VGSK, municipality Veliko Gradište and Danubia Hotels.

The Organizing Committee is preparing a rich programme for all ages and playing levels:

– Open “A”, tournament for players rated over 2000 FIDE
– Open “B”, tournament for players rated under 2200 FIDE
– Open “C”, tournament for players rated under 1700 FIDE
– Blitz FIDE rated tournament on a Danube liner “Silver Star”
– Chess Camp
– Excursions (depending on the interest): Viminacium, Ram, Golubac, Nimnik, Sveta Petka

With registration and payment completed before 15th March 2016 the participants will have a 10% discount.

Kindly take a look at the full Tournament Regulations

Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Registration, accommodation, entry fees and additional information with the tournament director Vojkan Petrović, email: sah.branicevo@gmail.com, phone +381 (63) 251 769.

Tournament website: www.silverlakeopen.com

Silver Lake is an oxbow lake along the right Danube bank near the town of Veliko Gradište. It is a popular tourist resort.

The lake has an arch shape, it is 14 kilometers long, up to 300 meters wide and covers an area of 4 km². The water is clear due to the lack of pollution and the natural filtration of the water through many sand dunes. The lake is abundant in fish, including white amur, carp, catfish, pike, perch and other freshwater whitefish.

Fishing poles and kayak paddles are waiting for you. In addition, the Danubia Park Hotel operates a large waterpark right next to the playing hall!

Danubia Park Hotel operates a large aqua-park

Danubia Park Hotel operates its own aqua-park

There are many other tourist attractions in the region, including the medieval fortresses Ram and Golubac, the major Roman site Viminacium, the 8000-year-old Mesolithic settlement of Lepenski Vir (all on Danube bank) and the stunning 134-km long Iron Gates gorge.

You will be surprised to learn that the first recorded mention of “vampire” case (1725) occurred in the village Kisilevo, which is right next to the Silver Lake resort! But do not be afraid, the guests will be supplied with garlic wreaths at request.

Danubia Hotel - Silver Lake

Danubia Hotel – Silver Lake

Silver Star Danube liner

The blitz tournament will take place during the ride on Silver Star Danube liner

Silver Lake

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