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Smartchess, today FREE!

In just five months since launch of the SmartChess revolutionary chess App, over 15,000 users world-wide have come to enjoy chess books and lessons interactively on their iOS devices anytime and anywhere. For the next three days, January 27-29 you can download your own copy for free.
A major update is scheduled for release next month showcasing new features designed to make the learning experience even more efficient and fun. Readers of today get an exclusive peek at the app’s new look – see graphics. Visit to learn more of upcoming title releases.

The online chess community will have a new addition to the vast opportunities on the net, but this time it is designed for those players who like to go mobile. SmartChess! is a powerful platform for distribution, acquisition and consumption of chess content. This revolutionary app puts a vast world of chess knowledge in the palm of your hand.

Chess pieces spring into action—accompanied by helpful author comments and explanations—after a simple finger tap on the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. A similar version is planned for release on devices running Windows, Android and WebOS.

See the Smartchess official website here

Chess Evolution available on Smartchess

Reading Chess Evolution September 2011 and subsequent editions interactively on your Smartphone or Tablet is now possible. During the coverage of the Tata Steel, a CE commentator will announce to Chessdom viewers of live games, a free download offer of SmartChess! on three separate dates.

This is how SmartChess looks on an iPad


The new SmartChess home screen

More about Smartchess

With SmartChess! you are not just reading chess content, you are actually experiencing it. All nested lines and variations are literally at your fingertips—instead of setting up multiple boards to follow the twists and turns of a complex game, just tap your finger to play through each variation at your convenience. You can even play through cited games from start to finish and then return to the main game. Navigation arrows make it easy to “flip” between pages or even to skip pages. You can jump directly to any chapter using the always-visible Table of Contents icon and you can easily adjust font size, font color and screen background to suit your reading preferences.

At any point in a SmartChess! book or lesson you can try other moves to explore what-if possibilities. When you are done exploring these alternatives you can return to the main text by simply tapping either one of the action arrows on the screen.

Build your own SmartChess! library using In-App Purchase in the built-in Bookstore; our catalog includes classic books written by many legendary Grandmasters, including Capablanca, Lasker, Alekhine, Nimzovich and Reti. Consistently topping our top ten downloads are modern classics like Dvoretsky’s Ending Manual and Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual. More titles from today’s popular authors are continuously being added, so check back frequently.

Opening theory is evolving faster than ever, so be sure to hone your opening repertoire with monthly Opening Updates deeply researched and annotated by famous authors from, the world’s leading purveyor of the latest advances in opening theory. Cutting-edge eBooks from are slowly populating our expanding catalog. The Catalan Opening by GM Ruslan Scherbakov with contributions from GM Nigel Davies, GM Tony Kosten and IM John-Paul Wallace is the first offering in what will be a series of up-to-date eBooks.


SmartChess! is preloaded with two free lessons—The Rules of Chess and Setting up Tactical Combinations—and three free game collections (Fischer-Spassky 1972 Match, Fischer-Spassky 1992 Match and Hastings 1895). More game collections—conveniently organized by players, openings, events and years—are available for download through the built-in Bookstore.
SmartChess! is efficiently changing the way chess knowledge is delivered, acquired and consumed. For new title releases and feature updates, please visit For other inquiries and support issues, email us at

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