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Southend Masters 2023

The Southend Masters 2023 (GM Title Norms) will take place from 06-10 April 2023 in Southend Adult Community College, Ambleside Drive, Southend-on-Sea, England. It will be 9-round Robin tournament valid for GM Norm. The time control 90 minutes plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. 

List of players :

No. NameFEDRtg
6GMLeon LivaicCRO2569
4GMSipke ErnstNED2522
5GMOleg KorneevESP2476
8IMAmeet K GhasiENG2471
7IMJonah B WillowENG2459
2IMMahel BoyerFRA2456
9IMEzra KirkENG2432
10FMYichen HanNED2405
1FMKim Yew ChanMAS2350
3IMVardaan NagpalIND2333


Round 1 on 2023/04/06 at 10:00
112350FMKim Yew ChanFMYichen Han240510
222456IMMahel BoyerIMEzra Kirk24329
332333IMVardaan NagpalIMAmeet K Ghasi24718
442522GMSipke ErnstIMJonah B Willow24597
552476GMOleg KorneevGMLeon Livaic25696
Round 2 on 2023/04/06 at 14:30
1102405FMYichen HanGMLeon Livaic25696
272459IMJonah B WillowGMOleg Korneev24765
382471IMAmeet K GhasiGMSipke Ernst25224
492432IMEzra KirkIMVardaan Nagpal23333
512350FMKim Yew ChanIMMahel Boyer24562
Round 3 on 2023/04/07 at 11:00
122456IMMahel BoyerFMYichen Han240510
232333IMVardaan NagpalFMKim Yew Chan23501
342522GMSipke ErnstIMEzra Kirk24329
452476GMOleg KorneevIMAmeet K Ghasi24718
562569GMLeon LivaicIMJonah B Willow24597
Round 4 on 2023/04/07 at 16:00
1102405FMYichen HanIMJonah B Willow24597
282471IMAmeet K GhasiGMLeon Livaic25696
392432IMEzra KirkGMOleg Korneev24765
412350FMKim Yew ChanGMSipke Ernst25224
522456IMMahel BoyerIMVardaan Nagpal23333
Round 5 on 2023/04/08 at 11:00
132333IMVardaan NagpalFMYichen Han240510
242522GMSipke ErnstIMMahel Boyer24562
352476GMOleg KorneevFMKim Yew Chan23501
462569GMLeon LivaicIMEzra Kirk24329
572459IMJonah B WillowIMAmeet K Ghasi24718
Round 6 on 2023/04/08 at 16:00
1102405FMYichen HanIMAmeet K Ghasi24718
292432IMEzra KirkIMJonah B Willow24597
312350FMKim Yew ChanGMLeon Livaic25696
422456IMMahel BoyerGMOleg Korneev24765
532333IMVardaan NagpalGMSipke Ernst25224
Round 7 on 2023/04/09 at 11:00
142522GMSipke ErnstFMYichen Han240510
252476GMOleg KorneevIMVardaan Nagpal23333
362569GMLeon LivaicIMMahel Boyer24562
472459IMJonah B WillowFMKim Yew Chan23501
582471IMAmeet K GhasiIMEzra Kirk24329
Round 8 on 2023/04/09 at 16:00
1102405FMYichen HanIMEzra Kirk24329
212350FMKim Yew ChanIMAmeet K Ghasi24718
322456IMMahel BoyerIMJonah B Willow24597
432333IMVardaan NagpalGMLeon Livaic25696
542522GMSipke ErnstGMOleg Korneev24765
Round 9 on 2023/04/10 at 11:00
152476GMOleg KorneevFMYichen Han240510
262569GMLeon LivaicGMSipke Ernst25224
372459IMJonah B WillowIMVardaan Nagpal23333
482471IMAmeet K GhasiIMMahel Boyer24562
592432IMEzra KirkFMKim Yew Chan23501

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