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Stockfish crushes Critter to keep lead in TCEC Season 6 – Stage 4

stockfish-4Stockfish (3157) continues rolling through the TCEC Season 6 – Stage 4. The engine has 6.5/10 points, half a point more than the reigning TCEC champion Komodo (3148).

Houdini (3148) is third with 5.5/10 points, while Critter is not doing well in this group, having only 2/10 points.

The latter was crushed by the leader in a brilliant 69-move game. You can see the most interesting part of their encounter below.

Standings after 10 rounds:

1 Stockfish 300414 (3157) 6.5
2 Komodo 1223 (3148) 6.0
3 Houdini 4 (3148) 5.5
4 Critter 1.6a (3038) 2.0

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Stockfish 300414 (3157) – Critter 1.6a (3038) [B22]
TCEC Season 6 – Stage 4 (10), 05.05.2014

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.c3 Nf6 4.e5 Nd5 5.d4 cxd4 6.cxd4 d6 7.Nc3 Nxc3 8.bxc3 Nc6 9.exd6 Bxd6 10.Bd3 Qc7 11.0–0 0–0 12.g3 h6 13.Nh4 a6 14.Re1 b5 15.Qh5 Ne7


16.Bxh6! gxh6 17.Qxh6 f5 18.Nf3 Nc6 19.Qg6+ Kh8 [19…Qg7?


would be a terrible mistake in view of 20.Rxe6!!]



[opening “e”-file for another major piece – the rook on e1.]

20…exd5 21.Qh6+ Kg8 22.Bc2! [transferring the light-colored bishop to the diagonal a2–g8, from where it can take an active role in the attack.]

22…Ne5 23.Nxe5 Bxe5 24.Bb3


24…Bb7 [Black has nothing better than giving back the piece.]

25.Qe6+ Kg7 26.Qxe5+ Qxe5 27.Rxe5


[Stockfish has a pawn more, better pawn structure and more active rooks. All these factors forced Critter to resign on move 69th.]


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