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Stockfish dominates in TCEC – Season 6

fb_tcec_cover_02Stockfish (3157) extends the lead in TCEC Season 6 – Stage 4.

The winner of TCEC Season 6 – Stage 3 defeated Houdini 4 (3148) and Critter 1.6a (3038) in two consecutive rounds (fifteenth and sixteenth) to enjoy a full point lead of the second place with 10.5/16 points.

The reigning TCEC champion Komodo (3148) is second with 9.5/16 points, leaving the nearest follower a full point behind.

Third position is occupied by Houdini 4 (3148), who is miles ahead of Critter 1.6a. The latter has only 3.5/16 points.

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Standings after 16 rounds:

1 Stockfish 300414 (3157) 10.5
2 Komodo 1223 (3148) 9.5
3 Houdini 4 (3148) 8.5
4 Critter 1.6a (3038) 3.5

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