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Stockfish is TCEC double champion

FRCThe TCEC Grand champion Stockfish, modification 260614, won another prestigious computer chess competition – the Fischer Random Chess (FRC) tournament, organized as a TCEC Season 6 Special Event.

In Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) the pieces at the starting position are placed randomly in one of the 960 possible ways. In this particular competition opening books were not used. The engines played from move 1.

Eight of the best engines (supporting FRC) from the season that just ended competed in 28 rounds to decide the winner.

The reigning champion Stockfish was convincing with 25/28 points, leaving the runner-up Houdini 4 full 3 points behind. Critter 1.6a took the bronze, collecting 17,5 points.

Stockfish defeated the opponents in 23 of the games, drew only 4 and lost one single game against the main rival Houdini 4.

Replay all the games at the TCEC Archive mode and expect the new TCEC – Season 7 soon!

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Final standings:

1 Stockfish 260614 3168 25.0
2 Houdini 4 3145 22.0
3 Critter 1.6a 3030 17.5
4 Fire 3.1 3067 15.0
5 Rybka 4.1 3072 14.5
6 Spike 1.4 2876 8.0
7 Shredder 12 2889 7.5
8 Tornado 5 2778 2.5

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