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Stockfish leads in an impressive start of Premier Division

stockfishStockfish is the sole leader of the Premier Division of the Top Chess Engines Championship. After 18 rounds Stockfish has collected 13 points – nine wins, one loss, and eight draws. This is a point more than last year’s champion Houdini – six wins and twelve draws – and two points more than Komodo.

Fire 021718, which ultimately will be released as Fire 7, is very close to challenging the medal positions. It has 10,0/18 and has lost only one game against Stockfish, holding to a draw all other top engines and winning against the bottom half. Chiron had a strong start and was undefeated for the large part of the event, now it is at 9,5/18. The winner of First Division Andscacs is at a secure sixth position with 7,5/18.

More about TCEC Season 11

The Premier Division of TCEC aka “The Final Eight” started February 13 at 19:00 CET and you can follow it on the official website and also on the Twitch video channel where viewers crossed the 1 million mark this month.

Defenchess wins TCEC Division 4 / Fritz wins TCEC Division 3 / Jonny wins TCEC Division 2 / Andscacs wins TCEC Division 1 / TCEC facebook page

Replay with analysis

Houdini – Andscacs 1-0 QGD: Classical, 5…O-O 6.e3 Nbd7
Komodo – Stockfish 1-0 Semi-Slav: Botvinnik, Lilienthal Variation
Fizbo – Andscacs 0-1 Neo-Queen’s Indian
Andscacs – Stockfish 0-1 Spanish: 4.Ba4 Be7
Fizbo – Stockfish 0-1 Indian: 2.Bf4
Ginkgo – Houdini 0-1 QGD: 4.Nf3
Fire – Ginkgo 1-0 French: Tarrasch, Closed, 8…f6 9.Nf4


1. Stockfish 13,0/18
2. Houdini 12,0/18
3. Komodo 11,0/18
4. Fire 10,0/18
5. Chiron 9,5/18
6. Andscacs 7,5/18
7. Fizbo 5,0/18
8. Ginkgo 4,0/18

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