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Stockfish maintains the lead in TCEC – Stage 3

StockfishThe reigning TCEC Grand champion Stockfish , modification 091114, maintains the lead in TCEC Season 7 – Stage 3.

The leader scored 7.5/10 points, leaving the nearest follower Komodo, variation 1324, full point behind.

Stockfish and Komodo are yet unbeaten. The game between them in round 10 finished equal after 58 moves.

Houdini 4 and Critter 1.6a share third place on 5.5 points. You can see the full standings below.

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Stage 3 rules

Stage 3 consists of the 8 engines that qualified from Stage 2. The format for Stage 3 is a tetra round robin (x 4) so that each engine will play both sides of the same opening against each other, twice. The top 4 will move on to Stage 4 while the rest are out of TCEC for the current Season.

TCEC so far

Komodo wins TCEC Season 5 / Stockfish wins Season 6Gull wins Stage 1a / Houdini wins Stage 1bOnly 3000+ engines qualify for Stage 3

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Standings after 10 rounds:

1 Stockfish 091114 3231 7.5
2 Komodo 1324 3219 6.5
3 Houdini 4 3211 5.5
4 Critter 1.6a 3094 5.5
5 Gull 3 3111 5.0
6 Protector 1.8b2 2984 4.0
7 Chiron 2 3028 4.0
8 Junior 13.3 3000 2.0 10

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