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Stockfish starts with a win the defense of the TCEC title

stockfishStockfish, the open source chess engine by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski, and Gary Linscott, started with a win its defense of TCEC Grand Champion title. Stockfish, playing with dev version 041017, defeated with black Chiron.

The game was Dutch opening and quickly entered in uncharted territory. Chiron was optimistic about white’s position, but deep eval by Stockfish in the middlegame proved advantage for black. Chiron spent quite some time on moves 29 and 30 to adjust its eval and managed to close the position. However, time trouble was ahead, and after several reroutes Stockfish found a way to break through and win the game. For the amazing bit of the game, check out 59. Nxf3!

Replay Chiron – Stockfish with analysis

Chiron – Stockfish was the second game of the new season of TCEC. Previously Vajolet2 (by Marco Belli, Italy) and Nivana (by Thomas Kolarik, USA) started the day with a draw. Again black had advantage in the middlegame. Nirvana went for a spectacular sacrifice, but a little further down the line this pushed the game into a forced draw endgame.

Replay Vajolet2 – Nirvana with analysis

The games continue on the official website on TCEC and you can follow the event live here.

The program of round 1 includes also the matches Jonny – Gaviota, Hannibal – Fruit, Ginkgo – Hakkapeliitta, Rybka – Booot, Fire – Houdini, Laser – Texel, Fizbo – Komodo, Wasp – Nemorino, Gull – Arasan and Bobcat – Andscacs.

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