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Stockfish wins another Stage of TCEC – Season 6, Rybka is out of competition

stockfishStockfish 4, modification 080414 wins another Stage of the strongest computer competition TCEC – Season 6

Top seeded engine has 21/27 points after the penultimate round of Thoresen Chess Engines Competition Season 6 – Stage 3, leaving the next contender Komodo 1217 full 3 points behind.

Komodo 1217 is second with 18/27, while Houdini 4 is third with 17.5/27 and they move on to the next Stage with certainty.

The battle for the fourth place is bitter. Only the top 4 will move on to Stage 4, where the engines will play a hexadeca round robin and the openings will be chosen randomly per pair so that each engine will play both sides of the same opening against each other.

Critter 1.6a, Gull A228 and Fire 3.1 will be fighting for only one place. Stay tuned to the last round and figure out who will be the one to take the key fourth spot.

Rybka 4.1 and Shredded 12 will be out of TCEC for the current Season, because their points are not enough to continue to Stage 4.

TCEC Stage 3 final games/ Replay the games in the Archive mode

Standings after 27 rounds:

1 Stockfish 080414 (3135) 21.0
2 Komodo 1217 (3133) 18.0
3 Houdini 4 (3132) 17.5
4 Critter 1.6a (3031) 12.5
5 Gull A228 (3021) 12.5
6 Fire 3.1 (3096) 12.0
7 Rybka 4.1 (3087) 10.5
8 Shredder 12 (2921) 4.0

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