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Stockholm Chess Challenge 2018

nfiStockholm Chess Challenge will be held from 30 April to 5 May.
The tournament is open for players born 1993 or later and with a minimum rating of 2200 ELO. The venue is Stockholm’s Chess Salons in Sodermalm in the centre of Stockholm. The Address is Ringvägen 9.
Time control is 40 moves in 90 minutes, and additional 15 minutes for the rest of the game from move 41. Inc 30 sec from move 1.

The Swedish Chess Academy together with the main sponsor Nordea invites to a Chess Festival at the Central Station in Stockholm on May 2 in connection with Stockholm Chess Challenge. The event is called “Business enterprise for integration”. The main sponsor for Stockholm Chess Challenge, Data Respons, is also a co-sponsor of the chess event at Central Station.

Nikita Maiorov, Erik Blomqvist, Toms Kantans, Ori Kobo and Burak Firat.
This is the quintet of Grandmasters in Stockholm Chess Challenge 30 April-5 May.

The tournament is meant to be a strong norm tournament for young players. So this is a good opportunity to hunt for an IM or GM norm. Every player born 1993 or later and with rating over 2200 per 1st of April are welcome to join.

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starting list Stockholm Chess Challenge

1 Maiorov Nikita 2543
2 Kantans Toms 2510
3 Blomqvist Erik 2494
4 Kobo Ori 2484
5 Reshef Omer 2482
6 Firat Burak 2446
7 Mereddy Chakravarthi Reddy 2442
8 Haria Ravi 2441
9 Bharathakoti Harsha 2424
11 Gupta Sankalp 2374
12 Nandigani Krishna Teja 2368
13 Rao SV Srinath 2363
14 Kaasen Tor Fredrik 2354
15 Seo Jung Min 2349
16 Cederstam Barsk Carl 2333
17 Atrivella Maria 2326
18 Storme Isak 2323
19 Thörn Eric 2312
20 Pantzar Milton 2295
21 Anand Saurabh 2294
22 dixit nikhil 2285
23 Kantane Anna 2266
24 Kucuksari Kaan 2251
25 Sörensen Hampus 2243
26 Dijkhuis Oele 2231
27 Betserai Tavonga 2201
28 Betserai Tavonga 2201
29 Anand Pranav 2200
30 Cramling Anna 2200
31 Crevatin Leo 2200
32 sanghani meet 2200
33 Gaurav Kumar 2137

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