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Swedish Chess Championships 2022 kicked off in Uppsala

The 2022 Swedish Chess Championships (Championship, Masters Elite, Masters, Seniors 50+, Seniors 65+ and Juniors) kicked off yesterday in Uppsala, Sweden. The events are played from 1-10 July, with Championship and Masters Elite groups being played as 10-player round-robin events, while the Masters, Seniors 50+, Seniors 65+ and Juniors events are played in 9 rounds, swiss system. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

The top seeds of the Championship category are: GM Erik Blomqvist, GM Tiger Hillarp Persson, and GM Jonathan Westerberg. Among the players of the main Championship is Swedish chess legend Pia Cramling, aiming to become the first woman to win gold in the Swedish Open Championship. (scroll down for starting rank list).

Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

Starting rank list of players – Swedish Chess Championship 2022:

1GMPia Cramling2459
2GMJonny Hector2441
3IMLinus Johansson2468
4IMLudvig Carlsson2399
5IMJung Min Seo2492
6GMErik Blomqvist2521
7GMAxel Smith2417
8GMJonathan Westerberg2476
9FMMartin Jogstad2384
10GMTiger Hillarp2516


Swedish Chess Championship 2022 – Masters Elite:

1GMThomas Ernst2289
2FMCarl Cederstam2332
3FMEric Thörn2366
4IMOskar Von Bahr2386
5IMTommy Andersson2384
6IMThomas Engqvist2330
7IMMichael Wiedenkeller2437
8IMJohan Furhoff2348
9IMJan Johansson2306
10FMEdvin Trost2345


Swedish Chess Championship 2022 – Masters:

1Daniel Johnson2191
2Dan Eriksson2246
3FMErik Malmstig2204
4Alexander Ström-Engdahl2077
5CMDaniel Jogstad2057
6Niklas Carlström2125
7Jan-Olov Lind2173
8CMLeo Crevatin2259
9Filip Björkman2066
10Jörgen Eriksson2200
11Ulf Hammarström2233
12Jimmy Mårdell2161
13Jacob Jönsson1947
14FMAndreas Landgren2224
15Lars Persson1978
16Emanuel Sundin2160
17Tobias Pettersson2027
18David Lundberg2219
19Josef Styf2048
20Thomas Johansson2231
21Erik Dingertz2021
22Svante Olsson2156
23Axel Tiger-Norqvist2239


Swedish Chess Championship 2022 – Seniors 50+:

1Jukka Hautajärvi2044
2Björn Andersson1803
3Ola Westerlund1880
4Jan Peter Palmblad1982
5Kristian Eriksson2089
6Håkan Svensson2035
7Håkan Winfridsson1960
8CMMikael Helin1732
9Anders Moborn2013
10Håkan Warston1634


Swedish Chess Championship 2022 – Seniors 65+:

1GMJuan Bellon Lopez2330
2Sören Svensson1890
3Krister Lagerborg2138
4Kurt Ekelund1939
5FMRolf Bergström2202
6Åke Westin1994
7Sture Lindberg1687
8CMPer Söderberg2111
9Thomas Franzén Högberg1997
10Thomas Marttala2164
11Björn Gillefalk2047
12Erik Alquist1968
13Peter Bytar1856
14Henryk Dolata2055
15Gunnar Hedin2051
16FMNils-Åke Malmdin2124
17Claes-Göran Westerberg1879
18Arnold Söderlind1754
19FMBengt Hammar2092
20Lennart Gunnarsson1731
21Jörgen Alfvén1763
22Ove Hartzell1903
23Olle Ålgars1870
24Ingvar Carlsson2030
25Jockum Wahlberg1582
26Lars-Åke Pettersson1682
27Mats Jonsson1629
28FMBörje Jansson2230
29Josip Vrabec1897
30Per-Olov Larsson1955
31Seved Nylund1909
32Lars Blomström2136


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