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Swedish National Chess Champions crowned in Uppsala

The 2022 Swedish Chess Championships (Championship, Masters Elite, Masters, Seniors 50+, Seniors 65+ and Juniors) took place from 1-10 July in Uppsala, being played as 9 round-robin tournaments and 9 swiss rounds tournaments.

GM Jonny Hector claimed the title of the Swedish National Chess Champion. With 6.5/9 points, the 58-year-old native of Malmo won his second national title, twenty years after his first triumph back in 2002. As many as three players tied for silver, with tiebreak criteria determining the medalists: GM Jonathan Westerberg clinched silver, GM Tiger Hillarp Persson was bronze and IM Jung Min Seo came fourth. GM Pia Cramling who tried to become the first woman ever to triumph in the Swedish Open Championship finished the event in 7th position with 4 points.

GM Jonny Hector with his family after winning the Swedish Championship 2022; Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

FM Olsson William lifted the trophy of the Swedish Junior Chess Championship as the sole winner of the tournament with 6.5 points. Svensson Håkan became the Swedish Senior 50+ Champion, and Gillefalk Björn won the Swedish Senior 65+ Championship. (Scroll down for final rankings)

Photo from the venue: Lars OA Hedlund
Photo from the venue: Lars OA Hedlund

Final rankings – Swedish Chess Championship 2022:

1GMHector, Jonny2445
2GMWesterberg, Jonathan24856
3GMHillarp Persson, Tiger25126
4IMSeo, Jung Min24836
5GMBlomqvist, Erik2523
6IMJohansson, Linus24514
7GMCramling, Pia24584
8GMCarlsson, Ludvig2423
9GMSmith, Axel2421
10FMJogstad, Martin23512


Final rankings – Swedish Junior Chess Championship 2022:

1FMWilliam Olsson22846,5
2FMAxel Falkevall22756,0
3CMJoar Östlund22225,5
4FMHugo Wernberg23165,0
5CMAlexander Nord22005,0
6FMGustav Törngren22734,0
7CMAdrian Söderström22924,0
8Arvin Rasti21364,0
9Jung Hyun Seo21023,5
10Vidar Grahn20031,5


Final rankings – Swedish Senior 50+ Chess Championship 2022:

1Håkan Svensson20357,5
2Jukka Hautajärvi20446,0
3Kristian Eriksson20896,0
4Ola Westerlund18806,0
5Håkan Winfridsson19605,0
6Jan Peter Palmblad19824,5
7Björn Andersson18034,0
8Anders Moborn20133,0
9Mikael Helin17322,0
10Håkan Warston16341,0


Final rankings – Swedish Senior 65+ Chess Championship 2022:

1 Björn Gillefalk20476,5
2GMJuan Bellon Lopez23306,5
3CMPer Söderberg21116,0
4Krister Lagerborg21386,0
5Thomas Marttala21646,0
6FMNils-Åke Malmdin21246,0
7Gunnar Hedin20516,0
8Erik Alquist19685,5
9FMBörje Jansson22305,5
10Henryk Dolata20555,0
11FMRolf Bergström22025,0
12Lars Blomström21365,0
13Olle Ålgars18705,0
14Kurt Ekelund19394,5
15Ingvar Carlsson20304,5
16Peter Bytar18564,5
17Per-Olov Larsson19554,5
18Claes-Göran Westerberg18794,5
19Åke Westin19944,0
20Thomas Franzén Högberg19974,0
21Sören Svensson18904,0
22Jockum Wahlberg15824,0
23Jörgen Alfvén17634,0
24Seved Nylund19093,5
25Lennart Gunnarsson17313,5
26Ove Hartzell19033,5
27Lars-Åke Pettersson16823,5
28Sture Lindberg16873,0
29Josip Vrabec18973,0
30Mats Jonsson16292,0
31Arnold Söderlind17541,5
32FMBengt Hammar20921,0


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