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Swiss Youth Championship U14 – Participants

The Swiss Youth Championship U16 is taking place from 26-29 May 2023 in Olten, Switzerland. The time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with a 30-second increment from move one. It is 7-round Swiss system tournament.

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Full list of players :

No. NameFEDRtgIRtgNsex
1 Malli, SuvirrSUI21142064 
2 Gut, LionelSUI20542040 
3AIMUdipi, Kala KishanSUI19041964 
4 Kanana, ZiadSUI18281935 
5 Gut, RaphaelSUI18171913 
6 Breyer, PhilippeSUI17661868 
7 Breyer, ThierrySUI16971837 
8 Gade, Niels SeverinSUI16891801 
9 Stoll, ArturoSUI16071795 
10 Gafner, LancelotSUI16411758 
11 Delangle, AlexanderSUI16211751 
12AFMVan Aepelen, NikolaiSUI16231735 
13 Papaux, JérémieSUI14911701 
14 Paholok, AdamSVK15561666 
15 Haas, AnthonySUI15301641 
16 Akinkhov, MikhailSUI14951628 

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