Tata Steel LIVE commentary of round 3

Fabiano CaruanaChessdom.com continues with the live commentary of the first Grand Slam tournament of 2012 – Tata Steel Chess in Wijk Aan Zee. Today’s featured games will be the battle for the top positions between Carlsen – Aronian and Nakamura – Caruana.

Carlsen – Aronian LIVE! – with GM Naiditsch and GM Miton

Nakamura – Caruana LIVE! – with GM Naiditsch and GM Miton

Note: games start at 13:30 CET, for computer analysis follow these links Group A / Group B / Group C


Standings Tata 2012 group A
1.    Aronian, L.    2 points
2-5.    Carlsen, Caruana, Giri    1½ points
5-10.    Ivanchuk, Kamsky, Navara, Radjabov, Topalov, Van Wely 1 point
11-13.    Gashimov, Gelfand, Nakamura    ½ point
14.    Karjakin    0 points

Standings Tata 2012 group B
1.    Harikrishna, P.    2 points
2-5.    L’Ami, Nyzhnik, Vocaturo    1½ points
5-10.    Harika, Lahno, Motylev, Potkin, Reinderman, Tiviakov 1 point
11-13.    Bruzon, Ernst, Timman    ½ point
14.    Cmilyte    0 points

Standings Tata 2012 group C
1.    Turov, M.    2 points
2-6.    Adhiban,  Goudriaan, Grover, Sadler, Tikkanen    1½ points
7-9.    Brandenburg, Ootes, Tania    1 point
10-12.    Danielian, Haast, Schut ½ point
13-14.    Hopman, Paehtz    0 points


Replay Games with analysis

Round 1: Carlsen – Gashimov, Nakamura – Ivanchuk, Navara – Topalov

Round 2: Aronian – Nakamura and Ivanchuk – Carlsen

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