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TCEC 2017 season coming soon – information and details

fb_tcec_profile_season_9bThe new edition of TCEC is scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2017. Once again the main goal of the championship will be to provide equal and fair conditions for the top chess engines to face each other and compete on a superb hardware.

For this goal to be completed, the TCEC staff has listened to the audience desires and feedback during S9 and will try to provide several upgrades for S10. A few conditions and variables are still unclear, but we will keep you updated about the proceedings of the season.


The TCEC 2017 will start in late September or the beginning of October. The team needs 30 to 45 days more of preparation and clearing out the details


A major concern during last season was the length of the event. This year we will be aiming for about 3 months of concentrated strong chess.


The format is still to be decided. It will be in accordance to the number of participants and the desired length of the event. This will also determine the time control of the games, which can be different in different stages.


The hardware for this season will be at least 24 core server from the very beginning. In order to achieve the goals set above, a preliminary stage on lower strength server will be eliminated.


Invitations will go out to all major chess engines. If you want to make sure your chess engine is in the event, you can send the request through


The TCEC championship will feature a similar team as the previous seasons with A. Mihailov as tournament director, M. Thoresen as administrator, Cato the Younger as openings administrator, Santiago Mendez as graphics editor, and a large range of contributors.
One of the major goals of TCEC is to promote computer chess through mainstream media, so we are looking to add one person as dedicated media administrator.


Besides staff with 24h daily dedication, a TCEC season requires a substantial financial base. The estimated cost for a 3-4 months season is about 6000-7000 eur. Once again TCEC will be donation driven (see the donate button on the official webpage). A specific supporter pack is uploaded in the Chessdom shop and you can get it here. A kickstarter campaign with a specific goal will also be setup.

Due to the large interest in the event, it is suitable for sponsors also. We will open up one major and three minor spots for sponsors in order to reach the budget goal faster. In case you are interested or you know a company that will be interested in associating with the Top Chess Engine Championship, please contact us.


Creating a fair and complete season requires clearing of multiple details. Thank you for your patience regarding the complete information. More details on the championship, participants, schedule, format, and all news related to the championship will be updated every week on

Artwork by Ali Assiri

Artwork by Ali Assiri

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