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TCEC at the latest ICGA Journal

The latest ICGA (International Computer Games Association) Journal features no less than FOUR scholarly papers concerning TCEC (Top Chess Engine Competition)! The tireless team Hernandez-Haworth has been covering TCEC Cup competition from its very beginning from Cup 1 until 8, and TCEC Leagues Season from Season 10 until 20, with a series of eloquently written and well-illustrated articles. Since TCEC Season 14 they have been joined by GM Matthew Sadler, writing his acclaimed articles on the TCEC Superfinals 14 through 20.

The latest ICGA Journal has the Hernandez-Haworth articles on TCEC Leagues Season 20, and TCEC Cup 8 (both won by Stockfish). Added to these is the TCEC Superfinal 20 (won by Stockfish) article plus a new article by GM Sadler, covering the last TCEC Fischer Random Chess event (won by Komodo Dragon). This leaves only the brand new TCEC Swiss 1 event (won by Komodo Dragon) not having any press coverage as yet.

Since the 2021 introduction of a Swiss event in TCEC, its Seasons consist of four events each: TCEC Leagues season, ending with the Superfinal, followed by TCEC Cup, a single bracket elimination competition, then by TCEC FRC, a group bracket elimination competition, and finally concluded by TCEC Swiss, an 11 double rounds Swiss format including all (stably running) participants of the whole Season.

Articles by ICGA on TCEC

The full ICGA Journal can be found here

More information on TCEC can be found on its wiki. You can follow TCEC live on, with its at first sight overwhelmingly informative GUI, showing all the technical details concerning the engines.

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