TCEC computer chess championship New Season starts August 26th

tcec-computer-chessChessdom Arena and TCEC announce partnership

TCEC, the most renowned computer chess championship, starts its new season in September 2013 with improvements and a new live page. The new season of TCEC joins forces with Chessdom Arena, and together we will bring you unprecedented coverage and insights of high level computer chess.

The first TCEC Season concluded in May this year with Houdini winning the Superfinal against Stockfish with a score of 25-23, after multiple engines engaged in battles in the divisions. This time the hardware that will be available to the engines will be a powerful 16-core server that will ensure a strong foundation for the engines. This is a guarantee that the second Season of TCEC will be full of excitement and very high quality chess.

When does it start?

The official start of the TCEC season is August 26th, 2013. The games will be played one after the other, without any pause between the rounds, guaranteeing 24/7 top fun for the chess fans.

What is new?

Starting this season, TCEC will be part of the Chessdom pages. The live games are going to be shown exclusively at the http://tcec.chessdom.com address, while several innovations will allow synergy with the Chessdom Arena.

Anton Mihailov, CEO of Chessdom, comments, “We are proud to have TCEC on the Chessdom pages. The best computer chess is coming this month and we will make sure to present the efforts, achievements, and intellectual challenges behind each of the participants in the new Season. In combination with the European Club Cup 2013 and the World Chess Championship 2013, an exciting second half of the year is ahead with strong chess 24/7″

The TCEC director Martin Thoresen shares, “I am very proud and excited about the cooperation with Chessdom. I think that together, we will bring a lot of excitement to any chess-loving person out there”.

The TCEC participants

As usual, the tournament director of TCEC, Martin Thoresen, will carefully select the participants of this second Season. He will include the known top engines from previous seasons like Houdini (current TCEC Grand Champion), Stockfish and Komodo, as well as new aspirants in the lower divisions.

The format

The second Season of TCEC will have 4 main Stages, as well as the Superfinal at the end. Stage 1 is a Swiss, Stage 2 is a single round-robin, Stage 3 is a double round-robin, Stage 4 is a hexa round robin and the two qualifying for the Superfinal at the end will play 48 games to crown the new TCEC Grand Champion.

Follow the live games daily here starting 26th August

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