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TCEC Season 21

The Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC) is the premier championship for chess software. Season 21 of the event is going to start this May 10th . The season will consist of the four main events – League, Cup, FRC 960, and Swiss.

TCEC S21 League

The League systems of TCEC is a leader system that ranks engines season after season. The participants are seeded into leagues based on their previous participation standings. The lowest division is the Qualification League, followed by League 4, League 3, League 2, League 1, and the prestigious Premier Division.

Each of the leagues promotes a participants for the next league. Thus, in a truly merit based event, even engines starting from the lowest league have the chance to win the event.

When are game of Season 21 played?

Currently Season 21 is in testing phase. Engines are given a deadline for submission until May 6th. After additional setup by TCEC’s admin, the event is set to start May 10th with the Qualification league. Once started TCEC Season runs 24/7 until all its games have been played. One game is played at a time – the next one starts automatically.

Where to follow?

TCEC has its own dedicated page. Arguably it has the best design and functionality for a computer chess competition . It is home of a computer chess community of thousands of chess professionals and enthusiasts, and you can interact with them daily in the dedicated chat.

Chessdom serves as the news hub for TCEC, expect daily news, interviews, and games from the event.

Is it true that TCEC has a monster hardware?

Absolutely. Thanks to noobpwnftw the TCEC event enjoys an amazing hardware setup

  • CPUs: 4 x Intel Xeon 4xE5-4669v4
  • Cores: 88 physical / 176 threads
  • RAM: 128 GB DDR4 (available to engines)
  • RAM: 1 TB (available to 6-pieces Syzygy)
  • HDD: 7 TB total

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