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TCEC Season 23 – Next Level! Starts Sunday at 19:00 CET

Top Chess Engine Championship Season 23 is going to start this August. The defending champion Stockfish is going to compete with 45 of world’s best chess engines for the highest title in computer chess. With the weakest engine in the competition being stronger than any chess player, TCEC is promising once again amazing level of chess. Combined with a fun expert community in the TCEC Twitch chat, the excitement for all spectators is guaranteed!

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Last season registered a record breaking interest with over 1,2 million live views, having monthly more than 100 000 chat messages and 500 subscribers. This season even higher viewership is expected, as TCEC is going to have a Next Level season! To adjust to the ever growing strength of active chess engines, Season 23 is going to feature larger leagues and more promotional spots. The trademark of the competition – the Superfinal and the Premier Division – will remain with the standard format. Here is a list of all participants and the structure of the competition.

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DivP seeded from S22 DivP, 4x DRR

 1 Stockfish
 2 KomodoDragon
 3 LCZero
 4 rofChade
 5 Stoofvlees
 6 SlowChess
+ 2 engines promoted from L1

L1 seeded from Swiss 3, 2x DRR:

 7 Berserk
 8 Koivisto
 9 RubiChess
10 Revenge
11 Ethereal
12 ScorpioNN
13 Seer
14 Igel
+4 engines promoted from L2

L2 seeded from Swiss 3, 2x DRR:

15 Tucano
16 Nemorino
17 Arasan
18 Fritz
19 Minic
20 Marvin
21 Halogen
22 Wasp
+4 engines promoted from QL

QL seeded from Swiss 3:

23 Drofa
24 Winter
25 Mr_Bob
26 Expositor
27 BlackMarlin
28 Velvet
29 Weiss
30 Zahak
31 Stash
32 ClassicAra
33 tomitankChess
34 Mantissa
35 Counter
36 ChessFighter
37 Amoeba
38 Bagatur
39 Asymptote
40 Cheese

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