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TCEC Season 9 – groups and participants

TCEC Season 9 artwork by Santiago Mendez

TCEC Season 9 artwork by Santiago Mendez

The Top Chess Engine Championship TCEC is heading towards a new season. Season 9 of the competition is going to collect one more time the strongest computer chess software on the planet for a multi-stage 3000+ ELO chess battles. TCEC Season 9 is starting this May 1st and will feature up to 32 participants. See the full participants list here

As of today, April 25th, the engines are undergoing testing. In the cases where problems are found the authors will be allowed to provide bug fixes and updates before the start of the event.

The engines are divided in two groups aka Preliminaries – Stage 1A and Stage 1B. Each of the groups is headed by Season 8 Superfinal participants – the Grand Champion Komodo and Silver medalist Stockfish. The drawing of lots for the other engines is based on tentative rating from the CCRL list and where needed other rating lists. Starting from the Qualifiers (Stage 2) and going into the Candidates (Stage 3) and the Superfinal, “TCEC rating list” will be used. This is also valid for Season 10, right from the start.

Official website of the competition will be, the sponsors of the event are and Official facebook page is

TCEC Season 9, Stage 1A

1 Komodo
2 Houdini
3 Gull
4 Rybka
5 Protector
6 Hannibal
7 Texel
8 Ginkgo
9 Fizbo
10 Hakkapeliitta
11 Bobcat
12 Raptor
13 DisasterArea
14 Laser
15 Fridolin
16 Myrddin


TCEC Season 9, Stage 1B

1 Stockfish
2 Fire
3 Critter
4 Nirvana
5 Andscacs
6 Naum
7 Chiron
8 Vajolet2
9 Arasan
10 Gaviota
11 The Baron
12 Jonny
13 Fruit
14 Jellyfish
15 Delphil
16 Firefly

For the exact version of the engines in Stage 1A and Stage 1B, as well as their rating, visit the detailed information here. The information will be updated as it becomes available. The engines are currently in testing and if there are problems of instability, an engine can be substituted before the start of the event.

Support TCEC Season 9

TCEC develops and progresses thanks to the community. If you want to support TCEC, here is the official Season 9 support package with awesome presents

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