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TCEC – structure and participants (part 1)

fb_tcec_profile_season_9bTCEC Season 10 is starting in about a month. Behind the scenes active preparation is going on for holding the 2017 season of the world’s premium computer chess event.

Our previous update outlined the general structure of the tournament and the changes that can be expected this season. Here is a confirmed format, following the given recommendations:

Stage structure

TCEC Season 10 will consist of a preliminary stage, a qualifiers stage, and a Superfinal. Each will have different time controls and structure

Stage 1: this is the preliminary stage, involving 24 engines, playing a single round robin (276 games). The time control of the games will be 60 mins + 10 sec/move. The top 8 engines qualify for the next stage

Stage 2: the second stage will be qualifier of 8 engines with 2x double round robin (112 games) with a slightly longer time control 90 min + 10 sec/move

Superfinal: structure to be announced soon

Note that this structure can still undergo minor changes in the next days


These are the first 10 participants in the championship. They are neither arranged by rating, nor by any other criteria, rather they are randomly selected. The other half will be announced this week. Most of the engines will be providing special and innovative versions for Season 10 of TCEC

1. Andscacs

2. Vajolet

3. Fruit

4. Laser

5. Texel

6. Stockfish

7. Jonny

8. Fire

9. Nirvana

10. Komodo

11. Chiron

12. Fizbo

13. TBA

14. TBA

15. TBA

16. TBA

17. TBA

18. TBA

19. TBA

20. TBA

21. TBA

22. TBA

23. TBA

24. TBA

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