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TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2023

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2023 will take place May 4-10 this year, at the Elite Plaza Hotel in central Malmo. The home team is represented by Sweden’s number one, GM Nils Grandelius (winner in 2013, 2017 and 2018). Among the challengers is an old acquaintance, Dutch GM Jorden van Foreest (winner of the Tepe Sigeman Chess Tournament in 2021), as well as former World Championship challenger GM Boris Gelfand, Israel, and 8-times Russian champion and multiple World Championship contender, GM Peter Svidler. Some of the most promising young chess players of today (all born in this century): the top scorer on board one in the team chess Olympics last year, GM Dommaruju Gukesh, India, last year’s runner-up in the Tepe Sigeman Chess Tournament, GM Arjun Erigaisi, India, the runner-up in the 2022 World Rapid Chess Championship, GM Vincent Keymer, Germany, and the world’s youngest grandmaster, 14-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra, USA will also participate. Live games here

The tournament is eligible for the FIDE Circuit (Qualification Path of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024). In the situation that two or more players have the same score, qualification points will be shared equally, with an exception for a tied first place, in which case tiebreak games will determine the first place. Please note, tiebreak games will determine only the first place. If more than two players participate in the tiebreak games, all other players will share second place.

Chessdom has covered all editions of Sigeman and Co since 2007 and we will provide detailed coverage in 2023 with live games and news reports. Official website of the tournament

Here are all previous editions and the winners of TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament.

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2022

1.GM H Niemann2656*11/21/21/21/2115
2-4.GM A Erigaisi26750*1/21/21/21/2114
2-4GM N Grandelius26351/21/2*1/21/21/211/24
2-4.GM M Adams26981/21/21/2*1/21/211/24
5.GM D Navara26821/21/21/21/2*1/201
6.GM J Van Foreest27151/21/21/21/21/2*01/23
7.GM S Salem2690000011*1/2
8.GM A Shirov2695001/21/201/21/2*2

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2021

1.J van Foreest2691*0111/21/2115
2-4G Jones26841*1/21/21/201/214
2-4V Keymer260701/2*1/21/2111/24
2-4N Short262601/21/2*1/21/2114
5.N Grandelius26661/21/201/2*101
6-7.N Sarin26521/2101/20*1/21/23
6-7.E Bacrot265801/21/2011/2*1/23
8.J B Bjerre2550001/2001/21/2*

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2019

3.N. Grandelius2688½0*½1½1½4
7.T.Hillarp Persson25630½0½½0*1

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2018

1-2.Nils Grandelius2652*½½1½1
1-2.Vidit Gujrathi2707½*½½11
3.Aryan Tari2603½½*½½13
4-5.Benjamin Gledura26160½½*½½2
4-5.Alexander Morozevich2665½0½½*½2
6.Linus Johansson2457000½½*1

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2017

1.Nils Grandelius2665*½½1½½3
2.Baadur Jobava2713½*½½½13
3.Pavel Eljanov2755½½*0½1
4.Erik Blomqvist25460½1*10
5.Dronavalli Harika2531½½½0*½2
6.Nigel D Short2688½001½*2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2014

1.Laurent Fressinet2711*½½1½1
2.Axel Smith2478½*10½13
3.Jan H Timman2615½0*1½½
4.Nils Grandelius2587010*½1
5.Jon Ludvig Hammer2638½½½½*02
6.Erik Blomqvist249200½01*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2013

1.Nigel D Short2681*01½1½1½
2.Richard Rapport26741*½½½011
3.Nils Grandelius25560½*1½½11
4.Ivan Sokolov2642½½0*½11½4
5.Loek van Wely26890½½½*1½14
6.Hans Tikkanen2537½1½00*½1
7.Emanuel Berg25610000½½*12
8.Jonny Hector2512½00½000*1

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2012

1.Fabiano Caruana2770*½11½11½
2.Peter Leko2723½*½½11½15
3.Anish Giri26930½*½½1½14
4.Nils Grandelius25560½½*½½114
5.Chao Li2703½0½½*01½3
6.Hans Tikkanen2566000½1*01
7.Jonny Hector25600½½001*02
8.Emanuel Berg2587½000½01*2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2011

1.Anish Giri2687*½½½1½3
2.Wesley So2667½*½1013
3.Hans Tikkanen2560½½*½1½3
4.Alexei Shirov2709½0½*½1
5.Nils Grandelius2541010½*½2
6.Jonny Hector2585½0½0½*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2010

1.Anish Giri2642*11½11
2.Jon Ludvig Hammer26100*½111
3.Nils Grandelius24760½*1½½
4.Jonny Hector2609½00*11
5.Tiger Hillarp Persson254200½0*1
6.Pia Cramling253600½00*½

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2009

1.Nigel Short2674*111½1
2.Nils Grandelius24910*½1½13
3.Tomi Nybäck26550½*½½1
4.Ivan Sokolov266900½*11
5.Tiger Hillarp Persson2618½½½0*0
6.Emanuel Berg261000001*1

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2008

1.Tiger Hillarp Persson2491*½½111½111
2.Daniel Stellwagen2621½*½011½111
3.Lars Bo Hansen2563½½*11½½1½½6
4.Ralf Åkesson2466010*½½10115
5.Jan H Timman2565000½*½11115
6.Evgenij Agrest256700½½½*½½11
7.Vasilios Kotronias2611½½½00½*0½½3
8.Kjetil A Lie255800010½1*0½3
9.Axel Smith242800½000½1*½
10.Lajos Portisch252300½000½½½*2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2007

1.Ivan Cheparinov2646*½½1½1½1117
2.Jan H Timman2545½*111½½010
3.Tiger Hillarp Persson2552½0*½1½1½½1
4.Emanuel Berg257400½*½1½111
5.Pontus Carlsson2506½00½*1½1½15
6.Vasilios Kotronias25700½½00*1½11
7.Erwin L’Ami2617½½0½½0*1014
8.Parimarjan Negi251501½00½0*114
9.Emil Hermansson247500½0½010*02
10.Jonny Hector2537010000001*2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2006

1.Jan H Timman2616*1½½1½½1117
2.Tiger Hillarp Persson25240*½1½½½1116
3.Suat Atalik2632½½*½0½11116
4.Daniel Stellwagen2543½0½*11½½1½
5.Emanuel Berg25390½10*½1½11
6.Alexei Fedorov2614½½½0½*1½01
7.Pontus Carlsson2433½½0½00*½103
8.Igor Khenkin2602000½½½½*½½3
9.Slavko Cicak25060000010½*1
10.Jonny Hector2514000½001½0*2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2005

1.Krishnan Sasikiran2642*½11½½½½11
2.Jan H Timman2607½*½½111½1½
3.Hikaru Nakamura26570½*½1½11½16
4.Curt Hansen26330½½*1½1½½1
5.Jonny Hector2513½000*1½1115
6.Viorel Iordachescu2609½0½½0*0½114
7.Davor Palo2525½000½1*½½14
8.Sune Berg Hansen2553½½0½0½½*10
9.Emil Hermansson243200½½00½0*1
10.Tiger Hillarp Persson25330½0000010*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2004

1.Peter Heine Nielsen2628*101½½1½½16
2.Curt Hansen26350*1½½½11½16
3.Magnus Carlsen255210*½0½11½1
4.Alexander G Beliavsky26670½½*½1011½5
5.Eduardas Rozentalis2619½½1½*0½01½
6.Jonny Hector2512½½½01*½01½
7.Evgenij Agrest26010001½½*1½½4
8.Tiger Hillarp Persson2513½000110*½½
9.Jacob Aagaard2400½½½000½½*½3
10.Nick E De Firmian2542000½½½½½½*3

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2003

1.Vassily Ivanchuk2704*½½½½111117
2.Peter Heine Nielsen2625½*1½½½½½116
3.Luke J McShane2592½0*0½½1111
4.Curt Hansen2610½½1*11000½
5.Tiger Hillarp Persson2474½½½0*½½½½1
6.Sune Berg Hansen25370½½0½*½1½1
7.Emil Sutovsky26520½01½½*101
8.Jonny Hector25530½01½00*114
9.Jan H Timman25790001½½10*14
10.Bengt Lindberg2392000½00000*½

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2002

1.Nigel D Short2673*½½½½1½1½16
2.Peter Heine Nielsen2636½*0½1½½½11
3.Jonny Hector2513½1*10½0½1½5
4.Leif Erlend Johannessen2452½½0*½1110½5
5.Jan H Timman2616½01½*½½01½
6.Vladimir Epishin26060½½0½*1½1½
7.Thomas Luther2566½½10½0*½½½4
8.Emanuel Berg25140½½01½½*014
9.Hannes Stefansson2598½00100½1*½
10.Tom Wedberg254000½½½½½0½*3

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2001

1.Boris F Gulko2606*½½½1101½½
2.Jan H Timman2620½*½½0½½111
3.Ivan Sokolov2659½½*10110½½5
4.Pia Cramling2496½½0*1½½1015
5.Tom Wedberg25050110*0½1½15
6.Teimour Radjabov25330½0½1*½½115
7.Curt Hansen26191½0½½½*01½
8.Emanuel Berg247400100½1*1½4
9.Nick E De Firmian2545½0½1½000*½3
10.Jonny Hector2546½0½000½½½*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2000

1.Judit Polgar2658**½½4
2.Jan H Timman2655**½1
3.Ulf Andersson2625**½1
4.Tiger Hillarp Persson2548½½½0½0**2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1999

1.Boris Gelfand2691*11½1½½1½17
2.Sergei Movsesian26500*½½½1½1116
3.Evgenij Agrest25330½*½½½1½11
4.Nick E De Firmian2610½½½*½100115
5.Joel Lautier26130½½½*½1½1½5
6.Jan H Timman2670½0½0½*½1115
7.Lars Karlsson2470½½010½*½½½4
8.Jesper Hall248600½1½0½*1½4
9.Jonny Hector2542½00000½0*12
10.Ralf Åkesson25300000½0½½0*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1998

1.Joel Lautier2645*0½½1111½½6
2.Igor Miladinovic25651*½½½½½½116
3.Lars Degerman2490½½*½½½½½1½5
4.Ivan Sokolov2625½½½*½½½½½15
5.Curt Hansen25950½½½*½½½115
6.Ulf Andersson26350½½½½*½½½1
7.Pia Cramling25350½½½½½*½½½4
8.Boris V Spassky25350½½½½½½*½½4
9.Stellan Brynell2475½00½0½½½*½3
10.Jonny Hector2505½0½000½½½*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1997

1.Ferdinand Hellers2585*½½1111½½½
2.Pia Cramling2545½*½1½½0½½15
3.Vassily Smyslov2500½½*½½½½½½15
4.Ivan Sokolov261500½*½11½½15
5.Curt Hansen26050½½½*½1½½15
6.Jan H Timman26300½½0½*½1115
7.Eduardas Rozentalis265001½00½*1½1
8.Ralf Åkesson2615½½½½½00*½14
9.Johan Hellsten2485½½½½½0½½*0
10.Jonny Hector2500½00000001*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1996

1.Viktor Kortschnoj2645*½11½½1111
2.Anthony J Miles2635½*½01111½1
3.Curt Hansen26150½*1111½½½6
4.Pia Cramling2525010*½101½½
5.Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez2505½00½*011104
6.Evgenij Agrest2485½0001*01½½
7.Johan Hellsten2475000101*01½
8.Jonny Hector252000½0001*11
9.Robert Bator24350½½½0½00*13
10.Ari Ziegler244000½½1½½00*3

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1995

1.Ivan Sokolov2645*00111½111
2.Ulf Andersson26301*1½½½½½½16
3.Matthew Sadler257510*½1011½16
4.Michal Krasenkow25750½½*½1111½6
5.Johann Hjartarson25900½0½*½1½115
6.Johan Hellsten24200½10½*101½
7.Jonny Hector2540½½0000*11½
8.Rune Djurhuus24950½00½10*013
9.Stellan Brynell24350½½00001*½
10.Giovanni Vescovi2465000½0½½0½*2

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1994

1.Ferdinand Hellers2560*½½1½11½117
2.Curt Hansen2580½*½½½111117
3.Zoltan Almasi2610½½*½½111½1
4.Vladimir Epishin26750½½*1½1111
5.Ulf Andersson2620½½½0*½11116
6.Michal Krasenkow2565000½½*11104
7.Johan Hellsten2325000000*½11
8.Stellan Brynell2485½00000½*½½2
9.Björn Ahlander241500½0000½*12
10.Mats Sjöberg24600000010½0*

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1993

1.Ferdinand Hellers2565*½½111½½1½
2.Lars Bo Hansen2545½*½½½½1½116
3.Oleg M Romanishin2590½½*101½½½1
4.Eduardas Rozentalis25950½0*½111½1
5.Margeir Petursson25600½1½*0½111
6.Ian Rogers25750½001*1111
7.Jonny Hector2470½0½0½0*½114
8.Magnus Eriksson2535½½½000½*0½
9.Stellan Brynell246500½½0001*02
10.Reynir Helgason2340½000000½1*2

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