The London System: GM Sahaj Grover & GM Srinath Narayanan

Another London System Repertoire! It’s been beaten like a dead horse! So why another repertoire on the same darn opening? Because believe it or not, two former world champions have transformed the old London System into a complete 1.d4 repertoire that:

🧠 Gains the upper hand with precise move orders and smart transpositions.

🧠 Fights the full point with dynamic positional play, instead of settling down for a playable but lackluster position.

🧠 All while maintaining the rock-solid fundamentals of the original opening.

Maybe you’re starting from scratch. Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your dusty 1.d4 and 2.Bf4 lines.

Either way, you’ll love Lifetime Repertoires: Sahaj & Srinath’s London System by Grandmaster Sahaj Grover (2005 World Youth U10 Champion) and Grandmaster Srinath Narayanan (2005 World Youth U12 Champion).

Both pros have proven their mettle. Not only as tournament players, but as authors too, with over 400 stellar reviews from satisfied students. And together, they reforged the London into ambitious system which seizes the advantage with laser accurate move orders.

Here’s the problem with the old London System:

The usual plan — where you build a triangle of pawns… put your knights on d2 and f3… and set your bishops on f4 and d3 — while playable is far too forgiving to give you an edge.

And if White fails to press the action soon enough, a well-prepared opponent WILL take over the game!

Which is why right after the course introduction, Sahaj and Srinath show you the most accurate way to play the first four to nine moves of the repertoire.

For example, you’ll learn:

🧠 Why you should delay the standard c2-c3 push. This subtlety could mean the difference between giving up the initiative, and achieving your ideal position with an extra tempo.

🧠 The pawn advance you must prevent at all costs in the main line. Fail and you can kiss your hopes for an advantage goodbye. But successfully hold this pawn back, and your kingside attack almost plays itself.

🧠 When to play the key e2-e4 breakthrough — so your pieces spring to life, while their counterparts struggle to maneuver in close quarters.

Get your copy of the Sahaj and Srinath’s London System here

Here’s a sneak peek:

🧠 Against the classical 1…d5 and 2…c5, you’ll gain a favorable queenside majority with tempo moves… force Black onto a tightrope with surprising positional gambits… or lay siege on the light squares with early Bb5 ideas.

🧠 Against the King’s Indian and Grünfeld-like 2…g6, you’ll build the good ol’ London triangle to neutralize Black’s dark-squared counterplay before it even starts. From here, they can only stand and watch your methodical dismantling of their position.

🧠 Against the popular 2…c6?!, you’ll transpose to a superior version of the Queen’s Gambit Declined, where Black’s crucial loss of tempo and your active f4-bishop guarantee you a lasting pull.

🧠 Against the copy-cat 2…Bf5, you’ll hit the exposed bishop with a timely g2-g4 to launch a kingside pawn storm — while your king hides behind the safety of your queenside pawns.

Sahaj and Srinath London System vs 2…Bf5

🧠 Against the Benko and Benoni-style 2…c5, you’ll seize Black’s half of the board with your pawns — so your pieces get all the squares they need to poke, prod and break down the enemy position.
Plus, you’ll also get dedicated chapters on the Dutch Defense (1…f5), the tricky 1…e6, and other first-move sidelines by Black.

And to complete your mastery of Sahaj and Srinath’s London System…

You’ll be shown the thematic ideas and middlegame plans through 71 exercises and 17 model games — while MoveTrainer optimizes your reviews for maximum learning and retention.

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