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The new Komodo 8 chess engine starts its challenge for the TCEC title today

The top chess engine championship TCEC is underway with Stage 1a finished and won by Gull and Stage 1b underway with Komodo, Houdini, and Naum as 3000+ ELO engines.

The biggest attention magnet is the new Komodo 8, a version that is ready to challenge last year’s throne of Stockfish. Komodo begins its participation today after 11:00 CET with two consecutive games. First it will take on Junior 13.3 in the last game of round 1, while immediately after starts the first game of round 2 Exchess – Komodo.

A day of 3100+ ELO chess is ahead, join the official site for the live games with Speed, TB, Depth, and PV graphs .

The new TCEC Season 7 graphic by Santiago Méndez

The new TCEC Season 7 graphic by Santiago Méndez

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Stage 1a: Gull wins Stage 1a

History: Komodo wins TCEC Season 5 / Stockfish wins Season 6

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