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The other World Chess Championship – Stockfish vs Lc0 (LIVE)

Today is a rest day in the World Chess Championship 2023 aka Nepo – Ding match, and this is a great opportunity to focus our attention on the other World Championship going on at this moment. The strongest chess engines in the world – Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero – are battling in a 100 games match for the highest title in computer chess.

Live: Official website Twitch: TCEC Chess TV

The match started with Leela taking the lead 2,5-0,5 after winning a game with white in round 1 in Paulsen attack and a second game in round 3 in Sicilian Najdorf. Stockfish reacted, bringing the score level by game 10 and taking a two point lead afterwards. And just when everyone thought Stockfish might be on the way to an easy title, Leela Chess Zero showed that the games from the first rounds were not a coincidence and returned a point.

Replay the decisive games

Lc0 – Stockfish (Center game, Paulsen attack) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (Sicilian Najdorf) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (Sicilian Najdorf) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (King’s Indian, Averbakh system) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (Pirc, Austrian attack) 1-0
Stockfish – Lc0 (French, Tarrash) 1-0
Lc0 – Stockfish (King’s Indian, 5.Be2)

Currently the score is Stockfish 10,5 – Leela Chess Zero 9,5, with a game 22 (a Budapest) going on. Games are going on 24/7 and you can follow then with detailed analysis at the official website here

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