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The Viking Chess Club became Iceland’s Club Champion

In its the first year in first division, the Viking Chess Club became Chess Club Champion of Iceland, thus breaking TB four year domination of the title.

Having won promotion in the last 3 previous years – from 4th division to 1st division – the Viking Chess Club exactly repeated the success achieved by the Hrokurinn chess club at the turn of the millennium.

The Viking Chess Club became clear first, 3.5 points clear of the old and prestigious TR (Reykjavik Chess Club). The winners of the past 4 years had to settle for third place.

The team composition of the Viking Chess Club was the following:

GM Pavel Eljanov, GM Bartosz Socko, GM Grzegorz Gajewski, GM Marcin Dziuba, GM Hannes Hlífar Stefánsson, GM Stefán Kristjánsson, IM Björn Thorfinsson, FM Magnús Örn Úlfarsson and FM Davíð Kjartansson.

GM Pavel Eljanov led the winning team

Final Standings:

1 Víkingaklúbburinn A 41.5 11
2 Taflfélag Reykjavíkur A 38.0 12
3 Taflfélag Bolungarvíkur A 36.5 12
4 Taflfélag Vestmannaeyja A 34.5 7
5 Goðinn-Mátar A 25.5 7
6 Hellir A 23.0 5
7 Skákfélag Akureyrar A 17.0 2
8 Taflfélag Bolungarvíkur B 8.0 0

The winning team:

Games Points
1 GM Eljanov Pavel 2681 UKR 5.0 7
2 GM Socko Bartosz 2619 POL 5.5 7
3 GM Gajewski Grzegorz 2635 POL 5.5 7
4 GM Dziuba Marcin 2598 POL 6.0 7
5 GM Stefánsson Hannes H 2510 ISL 5.5 7
6 GM Kristjánsson Stefán 2473 ISL 6.5 7
7 IM Þorfinnsson Björn 2391 ISL 2.5 7
8 FM Úlfarsson Magnús Örn 2388 ISL 4.0 6
9 FM Kjartansson Davíð 2329 ISL 1.0 1

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