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The Winners of Durham Chess Congress 2022 announced

A Durham County Chess Congress 2022 took place over the weekend of 6-8 May in the Dolphin Centre, Darlington. Three chess events – Open tournament, Major event and Minor championship attracted a total of 159 entries and were played in 5 rounds, swiss system, with time control 100 min + 10 sec increment.
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The event was formally opened by the Mayor of Darlington, Cyndi Hughes, with Baroness Hale of Richmond one of the honoured guests.

The Open Tournament was won by IM Brandon Clarke with 4½ out of 5, ahead of several players on 4 points: GM Daniel Gormally, IM Peter Large, FM David Walker, FM Tim Wall, WCM Zoe Varney and Frederic Clement.

There were also outright winners in the Major – Luke Remus Elliot, and the Minor – Maksym Kryshtafor (from Ukraine), who both scored a maximum 5/5.

Final rankings – Durham Open 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1IMClarke Brandon Gi ENG24454.50417
2FMWall Tim P ENG229640416
3GMGormally Daniel W ENG247640316
4IMLarge Peter G ENG228540315
5FMWalker David J ENG227140315
6 Frederic Clement FRA221640314
7WCMVarney Zoe ENG204640313
8FMFernandez Michael H ENG21873.50316
9 Waller Dan ENG20793.50313
10 Cansdale Zach ENG19893.50311
11CMArnott Jonathan W ENG21303.50215
12 Redmond John P IRL220630316
13 Oswald Graeme ENG213130311
14FMDougherty Michael CAN211530311
15FMGayson Peter M ENG213430215
16 Hort Max GER191730215
17 Ekanem Nathan NGR200530214
18 Leon Cazares Gustavo MEX207930213
19AGMSkettos Nicolas CYP194130213
20 Coathup Roger H ENG214130213
21 Garnett John S ENG186830212
22 Wilson Kevin J ENG181830212
23 Dauber Stephen W ENG207830211
24 Gillespie David P SCO182530114
25 Gillespie Gary D SCO180230112
26 Ackley Peter Je ENG197830111
27 Townsend M Paul ENG21662.50217
28FMBurnett Andrew SCO21762.50215
29 Thomson Neil SCO19682.50214
30 Watson Jacob ENG19222.50214
31 Shenbagakumar Gautham ENG17002.50211
32 Ridge Michael SCO18472.50210
33 Szekely Virgil ENG21372.50114
34 Mollison Jamie SCO19082.50113
35 Shahbazi Mahmoud ENG20112.50112
36 Herring Sam Ac ENG190020216
37 Booth Steven B ENG188620214
38 Bates Chris ENG020212
39 Caso Huerta Marcos ESP181120210
40 Gazis George GRE18302028
41 Zhu Yaoyao ENG193020113
42 Barton Zachary ENG215820113
43 Brencher Paul ENG190120113
44 Sullivan Daniel Js ENG195720112
45 Irving Neil SCO188820112
46 Ilett Raymond J ENG183020112
47 Mckay Jonathan SCO189720111
48 Thomas Phillip ENG177020110
49 Goede Jan ENG020013
50 Tart Peter K ENG18691.50114
51 Wynarczyk Raymond ENG17421.50113
52 Villalard Nigel G ENG19501.50110
53 Sun Meng ENG16661.5019
54 May Paul ENG174910111
55 Mize Dylan USA16151019.5
56 Gamble Marc SCO60010011
57 Sunny Saurav IND14771009.5
58 Corfield Zoe FRA15941009
59 Liu Zizheng ENG14450.50011


Final rankings – Durham Major 2022:

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1Remus Elliot Luke ENG187050514
2Sweeting Anthony ENG168840316
3Tomlinson Zak ENG184140314
4Ellames George J ENG18913.50318
5Taylor Mark ENG18163.50315
6Towers Brian ISR18933.50314
7Robinson Will ENG19043.50312
8Patrick David A ENG18243.50312
9Sams Jonathan ENG18113.5039.5
10Clegg Robert ENG181330317
11Bellwood Liam ENG173630310
12Ashton Alannah ENG161230214
13Dean Robert A ENG186230213
14Greatorex Roger ENG178030213
15O’gorman Brendan ENG178830212
16Walshaw David ENG167830211
17Robson Owen R ENG17773029.5
18Skelsey Stuart ENG181430114
19Webb Nicholas IRL17302.50215
20Mckay James ENG16212.50214
21Chester Ian B ENG17322.50214
22Harker Peter ENG16952.50213
23Shek Daniel ENG18992.50212
24Wilson Bill ENG18712.50212
25Aitchison A Keith SCO18872028
26Ormerod Stephen ENG183520114
27Benchebra Dalil ENG164320113
28Holroyd-Doveton Nathaniel ENG167920112
29Gosling Marcus ENG190720014
30Fisher Neal ENG170420013
31Brockes Jeremy P ENG181820013
32Jefferies Steve H ENG16291.50113
33Murdoch Stephen NZL16751.50113
34Coward Neil ENG18281.50112
35Mckay Mark ENG18001.50112
36Marsh John S ENG17521.50112
37Tyson Terry ENG16771.50112
38Teague David ENG17401.5019.5
39Lukauskas Titas ENG170510114
40Buckley James ENG179910111
41Czestochowski Eddie ENG16820.50013
42Goede Jan ENG00009


Final rankings – Durham Minor 2022:

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1Kryshtafor Maksym UKR132450517
2Lukauskas Rojus ENG16074.50413
3Owen Luke ENG138440418
4Dos Santos Silva Bruno Alexandre ENG165740416
5Wilson Graham SCO150940414
6Allen Michael Ei ENG152240413
7Clynes Chris ENG15203.50318
8Smith Jacob ENG15603.50313
9Siddle Michael ENG15333.50312
10Jackson Paul Robert ENG15513.5029.5
11Stipanovic Antonio ENG167230314
12Berry Robert ENG156830312
13Johnstone-French Morgan ENG167030312
14Jerome Stellio ENG153030215
15Cassidy Bernard SCO160030214
16Egan William J ENG159830212
17Patterson Dave ENG167230212
18Waterman Kevin M ENG158130212
19Mckay Ruairidh SCO156730212
20Mcginnis Joe ENG158830211
21Bainbridge Bryan J ENG15523029.5
22Scorer David M ENG140730115
23Stephens Carl ENG158030112
24Edgar Barry ENG161530111
25Fraser Chris A ENG16072.50215
26Corner Brian D ENG14732.50212
27Webster Vivien ENG16302.50211
28Whitaker Brian ENG15802.5029.5
29Simpson Thomas E ENG16212.5028.5
30Miller Joseph E ENG13432.50115
31Mckay Peter ENG16122.50114
32Buckell David J ENG16462.50113
33Kent Elliot ENG13752.50110
34Mcgarty Colin ENG13902.50014
35Rook Ian R ENG157820217
36Hardy Andrew ENG148520216
37Tofield-Brown Joel ENG152020212
38Oliver Bruce R ENG166520211
39Krause Tom ENG142620210
40Edmundson Deborah ENG14502028.5
41Bowman George ENG145720115
42Ryder Arthur ENG140920114
43Key Tom ENG147920114
44Kuby Richard ENG141320114
45Wilson Jeff ENG14562019
46Johnson Stanley ENG14881.50115
47Greig Samuel ENG01.50114
48Kluckova Alzbeta ENG12561.50114
49Smith Guy ENG12441.50113
50Boxall Kenneth ENG16301.50112
51Howsden Geoffrey ENG13801.50013
52Dargue Peter W ENG14161.50012
53Salazar Eyre Emma ENG010013
54Urwin James ENG135610012
55Howe Daniel ENG148110012
56Edmundson Mark ENG130600012
57Asquith Emily ENG170100011
58Tamosiunas Simas ENG158200010

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