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Trinidad and Tobago International Open Chess Tournament 2022 concluded

The Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association organized the Trinidad and Tobago International Open Chess Tournament 2022 from 1-8 July at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

The event featured two tournaments: the 10-player round-robin invitational Masters and the Open tournament (for players rated U2200). Both events were played in 9 rounds, with time control: 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds of increment.

GM Robby Kevlishvili convincingly won the Masters section scoring 8/9 points. FM Ryan Harper and FM Joshua Johnson tied for the second place, scoring 6 points, each, with tiebreaks criteria favoring Harper who clinched silver and Johnson came third. (Scroll down for final rankings)

Patrick Terhuven triumphed in the Open tournament scoring 8/9 points. CM Ravishen Singh was the runner-up with 7.5 points while two players tied for the third place with 7 points, each. Tiebreak criteria determined Emar Edwards as third, and Kishore Ramadhar finished the event in the fourth position. (Scroll down for final rankings)

Photo from the playing venue (Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association Facebook page)
Photo from the playing venue (Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association Facebook page)

Final rankings – Masters:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4TB5
1GMKevlishvili Robby NED25088031385
2FMHarper Ryan TTO220861262.554
3FMJohnson Joshua TTO21786019.5154
4FMMc Intosh Isaiah TTO22155.5119.8245
5GMBorges Matos Juan CUB24135.5019.81.545
6GMZapata Alonso COL23524013.81.535
7FMCupid Kevin TTO21313.5014.81.534
8WFMRicken Katharina NED22822.5010.3114
9FMJoseph Marcus TTO2173214.5024
10FMWinter Atwell Adrian TTO2250206.75015


Final rankings – Open:

Rk. NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4
1 Terhuven Patrick GER21598075245.8
2CMSingh Ravishen TTO20117.5075443.5
3 Edwards Emar BAR16957175238.5
4 Ramadhar Kishore TTO19437065339
5 Martin Mikel TTO18096.5064732
6 Lee Hayden TTO18526064125
7 James Keevin TTO18966055432.8
8WCMHermoso Rodriguez Obdulis VEN19726055231
9 Ramsumair Daenon TTO17076055231
10 Lee Brad TTO13896054327
11 Ali Ian TTO17465.5054826
12CMSears Frank TTO18255.5054824.5
13WCMJames Shemilah TTO15905.5054824
14 Sookraj Druva TTO14225.5054624.3
15 Prabhakar Rakesh TTO15425.5054124.3
16 Samuel Bisnath Kael TTO13575.5054020.8
17 Munroe-Brown Brad TTO12205.5053918.8
18 Prabhakar Chandresh TTO12035.5044423.5
19 Mahabir Yuri Harvard TTO11835054721.5
20 Richardson Jerome TTO13225054623
21 Balliram Tristan TTO12995054522
22 Brathwaite Kelon TTO13545054018
23 Ragoobar Keagan TTO13875053918
24 Muradali Kyan TTO12335053816
25FMYee Frank TTO20115044823.5
26 Medina Joshua TTO14405034724.3
27 Bowles Andrew TTO15605034621
28 Mahadeo Amir TTO13624.5044719.3
29 Drayton Doff TTO16524.5044618.8
30 Gillette Luke TTO11034.5044016.8
31 Superville Arthur TTO14174.5044016.3
32 Balliram Taydan TTO13334.5043914.3
33 Gillette James TTO10224.5034019
34 Ali Amy TTO13614044214
35 Absolam Denique TTO04043913
36 Baptiste Vade TTO11204043815
37 Nurse Xavier TTO04043715.5
38 Murray Zachary TTO12864043713
39 Martin Kayla TTO11384043712
40 Brathwaite Kiara TTO04043613
41 Mohammed Celine Angelina TTO11004033811.3
42 Scoon Kalel TTO04033413.5
43 Mason Kriston TTO13043.5034214.3
44 Balliram Luke TTO13213.5034113.5
45 Rambally Eon TTO12023.5033712
46 Allum Adrian TTO10713.5033610.5
47 Lutawan Adrian TTO11273033710
48 Samuel Bisnath Keira TTO1090303347
49 George Ezekiel TTO0303336.5
50 Johnson Adaya TTO03033010
51 Martin Kevin TTO0303305.5
52 Allum Dominic TTO1029303304
53 Mc Letchie Nicholas TTO0303294.5
54 Modeste Christian TTO0303293
55 Harris Aron TTO0202321
56 Francis Cai TTO0202291
57 Nanan Suriya TTO00.50.50280.25
58 Nanan Kira TTO00.50.50230.25

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