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Update on Anatoly Karpov’s health

Former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov was hospitalized in serious condition and in artificial coma the night of October 29. The first information on Karpov’s health was conflicting – ranging from “nothing serious” to “Karpov is in critical condition”. The cause of Karpov’s health problems was a also unknown – unfortunate fall, assault, alcoholic intoxication, or a combination of any of the above.

On the last day of October, Karpov’s daughter, Sofia Karpova, confirmed the former World Champion is in hospital and was the first one to dissipate the rumors, “There was no attack on my father and the injuries were caused by a fall,” adding that Karpov is currently in the intensive care unit of the neurology ward of the Sklifosovsky Hospital in Moscow.

Due to the nature of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and Karpov’s position as Russian State Duma deputy, the information about Karpov’s health continues to be conflicting. In a statement on November 2, the doctors from the Sklifosovsky Hospital neurology ward reported “positive dynamics in all positions”, but underlined that the “patient is seriously ill”. November 4 unconfirmed rumors were that Karpov is “off the ventilatior,” but this was quickly followed by a report that “Karpov is again placed on the ventilator.” That coincided with Karjakin’s statement for TASS that “Anatoly Karpov will soon be transferred to a regular ward from the intensive care unit.” Karjakin wanted to clarify, “I would like to refute the information that appeared yesterday that Anatoly Evgenievich is worse – this is not so.”

The latest event of Karpov, alongside Morozevich and Karjakin / All news about Karpov here

The one thing that we have confirmed as of today, November 8, is Karpov’s diagnosis: cerebral edema, fractures of the right parietal and right temporal bones, multiple hematomas of the head, traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, concomitant injury, closed craniocerebral injury and a closed fracture of the neck of the left femur.

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