Friso Nijboer (2578)
Shilong Li (2502)

Corus C 2008 (3)
Wijk aan Zee, 2008

19. Bxc4!? 19. Rg1 was perfectly good for stable advantage, but Friso is always searching for complicated ways. 19... bxc4 20. Nc5 Bxc5 21. Bxc5 Bxh1 22. Rxh1 f5? This allows white to open the center and storm on the black king. Safer was 22... Qb7 23. Rd1 d5 24. Ba3 g4!? and keep the position closed while king is in the center 23. exf6 d6 24. Ba3! Nxf6 25. fxg5 Nd7 26. Re1! e5 27. Qf5! and White has decisive attack after next Ne4 or Nd5. Nijboer successfully converted the advantage. 1-0 [Goran Urosevic]