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V Prague International Chess Festival – Open section

The 5th year of the Prague International Chess Festival will take place at the beginning of the summer at the Don Giovanni Hotel in Prague. In the Masters tournament, we can look forward to 10 top grandmasters, among them the winner of last year´s Masters tournament Pentala Harikrishna from India, best Czech player David Navara, chess legend Boris Gelfand from Israel and the winner of last year´s Challengers tournament Vincent Keymer from Germany. In addition to the traditional open grandmaster tournament where the winner will advance to Challengers next year, amateur chess players can choose a round robin rating tournament, which is a type of tournament that does not occur frequently. This edition will bring significantly increased number of side tournaments that will be counted for overall Grand Prix where best ranked players will be awarded unique prizes. 

In the Open section the time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. It is 9 round Swiss system tournament with participation of Santiago Avila Pavas, Guha Mitrabha, Dusan Popovic, P Iniyan, Jose Gabriel Cardoso Cardoso, Deep Sengupta, etc.

List of players (10.03.2023):

1GMIniyan, P2514IND
2IMAvila Pavas, Santiago2513COL
3GMMitrabha, Guha2510IND
4GMPopovic, Dusan2507SRB
5GMCardoso Cardoso, Jose Gabriel2498COL
6GMSengupta, Deep2484IND
7FMSamadov Read2471AZE
8GMSedlak, Nikola2461SRB
9IMSokolovsky Yahli2460ISR
10IMRoyal, Shreyas2452ENG
11IMAdair James2451ENG
12IMAl Muthaiah2440IND
13IMGedajlovic Max2435CAN
14IMLow, Zhen Yu Cyrus2425SIN
15IMBänziger Fabian2413SUI
16IMGrabinsky, Aaron2405USA
17IMA Ra Harikrishnan2400IND
18IMAudi Ameya2387IND
19FMHollan Martin2351CZE
20IMHeimisson Hilmir Freyr2350ISL
21FMArnold Max2344GER
22IMGullaksen Eirik2341NOR
23IMUpadhyaya Anwesh2340IND
24FMMateus, Alejandro2301COL
25FMStevik Patrik2297SVK
26FMLopez Rayo, Santiago2297COL
27FMHerrera, Juan Sebastian2296COL
28IMJ Sai Agni Jeevitesh2289IND
29FMDerichs Roger2286GER
30FMMd Imran2284IND
31IMPandiarajan Saravana Krishnan2284IND
32FMCampos Gomez, Manuel2283COL
33FMFedorov Evgueny2256CZE
34sinha alok2256IND
35IMMannion Stephen2190SCO
36Dario Bischofberger2185SUI
37Knitl Anton2166GER
38CMGoh Zi Han2162SIN
39Gerber Peter2143GER
40Birkisson Bjorn Holm2135ISL
41FMLitchfield Frederick2134AUS
42Devnani Kush2133IND
43Mai Alexander Oliver2114ISL
44Willim Michael2109GER
45WFMDeodhar Vrushali2082IND
46Leidorf Sebastian2077GER
47Mai Aron Thor2077ISL
48FMCannon David2069AUS
49Oest Thorsten2055GER
50Murugan Hemanth Raam2043IND
51Hund Sarah2042SUI
52WFMHng Emmanuelle2020SIN
53Rempe Jonas2000GER
54Plesek Jiri1994CZE
55Bunk Wolfgang1985GER
56Kolka David1940ISL
57Dome, Michal1931CZE
58C M N Sunyuktha1913IND
59Holliman Bob1905USA
60WFMHng Eunice1901SIN
61WFMRohilla Shivika1893IND
62Madhavan, Sanjith1893SCO
63Schmitt Carsten1889GER
64Jaganathan Kishore Kumar1823IND
65Cardinal Scott1821USA
66Barabas Ales1797CZE
67Amarnani Harshit1791IND
68Jaganathan Dinesh Kumar1777IND
69Mrázek Adam1745CZE
70Soucek Andrej1671CZE
71WCMKong, Zi Yau Bernadette1588SIN
72Svoboda, Zdenek1519CZE
73Ziehm Robert1499POL
74Vijay Johnson Ethan1487IND
75Jeyanth R undefined1469IND
76Markina Sofiia1468CZE
77Artur Chowaniec1465POL
78Mahon Patrik Josef1357CZE
79Rempe Lennik1200GER
80Kraus, Petr1182CZE
81Shashank R0IND
82Krishnansamy Ramesh0IND
83John Peeter Tony Bharath0IND
84Subramanian Senthil Murugan0IND
85Radhakrishnan Vimalraj0IND
86Ramaiyan Elavarasan0IND
87Elgendy Mohamed Yehia0EGY
88Myslivec Jakub0CZE
89Tashkinova Sofiia0ISR
90Mohamed Zeiad0EGY
91Gadelhak Abdel Samie0EGY
92Elgendy Ahmed0EGY
94Shnayder Edward0USA

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