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Valjevo day 2, fantastic games!

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Valjevo day 2 Karpov Ivanisevic Valjevo day 2 Nikolic Damljanovic

Standings after round 2:

1. GM Atalik Suat 2584 TUR 1,5
1. GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2614 SRB 1,5
1. GM Roiz Michael 2616 ISR 1,5
4. GM Nikolic Predrag 2631 BIH 1,0
4. GM Karpov Anatoly 2668 RUS 1,0
4. GM Damljanovic Branko 2585 SRB 1,0
4. IM Stojanovic Mihajlo 2588 SRB 1,0
8. GM Georgiev Kiril 2653 BUL 0,5
8. GM Pavasovic Dusko 2567 SLO 0,5
8. GM Iordachescu Viorel 2587 MDA 0,5
Valjevo day 2 Roiz Iordashescu

Live games and updates

Live games here. The head of editors team, Goran Urosevic will provide updates from the playing hall every 30 minutes. All the info about Valjevo can be found on the general Gorenje 2007 page. Do not forget to check out the report from day 1 and the commented games by IM Kalin Karakehayov.

Update 17:00

Most of the games are still in the opening. Before the game Karpov shared that today is a must win day for him, while Ivanishevic reiterated that he came to win.
GM Roiz continues with his habit from yesterday. He is moving slowly and walking in the garden. Iordachescu is not in a hurry either, and they are at the very beginning.

Update 17:30

Roiz and Iordachescu spent close to an hour each for the first ten moves of the game. Nikolic and Damjanovic are the fastes movers at the moment, time management seems a strange concept at Valjevo. Karpov is very concentrated and looks eager to go for the win.
Goran talked to the organizers about interesting details around the tournament. Expect later these days the full story.

Update 18:07

Mihajlo Stojanovic is trying to hold Kiril Georgiev, but the Bulgarian player looks confident and starts pressing in the center. Roiz and Iordachescu will be surely heading for time trouble, but that does not seem to worry them. They definitely prefer thinking in the garden.
We can see more spectators today in the playing hall. Interest in the event is rising. The people are discussing the games and following them on the big screens. As a local chess fan commented, the concentration of Karpov and Ivanishevic is palpable.

Update 18:38

Here is the position of Karpov at 6:30. The ex world champion spent a lot of time thinking. With 24 moves to go to the time control, he has 30 minutes on the clock. Ivanisevic looks more relaxed now, as you can see the real situation from the position the game is heading to a draw.

Update 19:15

Karpov and Ivanisevic agreed on a draw. This result certainly fits the plans of Ivanisevic. However, Karpov is a step behind, he could not take the win with white 2 games in a row.
Stojanovic is a pawn down against Kiril Georgiev. The position, however, is not won for black, and the Bulgarian GM will have to fight more if he wants the full point. In all the other games white has slight advantage, but the positions are very equal and any result is possible. This is especially true since most of the players are heading into time trouble.

Update 19:30

Pavasovic does not seem happy with his position. Atalik looks better in the game, and Pavosovic’s face says it all. Roiz has an attack and is planning while walking. This time he sticks to the playing hall. Even though the weather is nice, the garden can wait since time on the clock is running fast.

Update 20:30

The games are heading towards the first time control with severe time trouble for most of the players. However, there are clear contenders for the full point in most of them. Nikolic is a pawn up against Damljanovic. Roiz has just promoted an extra queen and there seems to be no chance for Iordachescu. Pavasovic is a pawn up against Atalik. The endgame, however looks drawish. IM Mihajlovic proves that he deserves his place among all the GMs at the tournament. He came out of a difficult position and is now pressing for the win.

Update 21:00

Roiz won against Iordachescu, while Atalik and Pavasovic made a draw. Iordachescu mentioned in the post mortem that Nc6 in the opening was a very bad move and that destroyed his game. We could not finish listening to the analysis by the two players because a huge applause came from the playing hall. IM Stojanovic won against Kiril Georgiev. Stojanovic is the favorite of the audience since the Serbian IM was born in Valjevo. Now he is still in the playing hall and everybody is congratulating him. A month ago Mihajlo commented for one of his games, you can find it here

Replayable games

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