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Gorenje 2007, round 6 live

Updates by IM Kalin Karakehayov

Round 6 results:

Nikolic Predrag 2631 – Stojanovic Mihajlo 2588 1-0
Pavasovic Dusko 2567 – Roiz Michael 2616 draw
Karpov Anatoly 2668 – Damljanovic Branko 2585 draw
Ivanisevic Ivan 2614 – Iordachescu Viorel 2587 1-0
Atalik Suat 2584 – Georgiev Kiril 2653 draw

Standings after round 6:

1. GM Atalik Suat 2584 TUR 4.0
1. GM Karpov Anatoly 2668 RUS 4.0
1. GM Roiz Michael 2616 ISR 4.0
1. GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2614 SRB 4.0
5. GM Damljanovic Branko 2585 SRB 3.5
6. GM Nikolic Predrag 2631 BIH 3.0
7. GM Iordachescu Viorel 2587 MDA 2.0
7. IM Stojanovic Mihajlo 2588 SRB 2.0
9. GM Georgiev Kiril 2653 BUL 2.0
10. GM Pavasovic Dusko 2567 SLO 1.5

Commented games

Karpov – Nikolic and Georgiev – Roiz – Comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov
Stojanovic – Georgiev – Comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov
Iordachescu – Stojanovic – Comments by Goran Urosevic

Thematic Week

Chessdom has scheduled interviews with a number of prominent chess figures. For now, check out the interviews with Lodi 2007 winner GM Jan Werle and Gorenje 2007 participant GM Michael Roiz. More to come…

Kalin Karakehayov

IM Karakehayov

Valjevo 2007 round 6 live

Welcome to the Valjevo round 6 live games. Three players, Karpov, Roiz and Atalik, are top of the table with 3,5 out of 5. IM Karakehayov will join us today with live commentary of the games. IM Karakehayov is one of the teachers in the “online chess academy” of Chessdom that opens in a few days. If you have a question about the online academy or you want to sign up contact us for details.

Update 15:45

15 minutes to the start of the games! An exciting day at Gorenje 2007 is about to start. The big question, will Anatoly Karpov extend his lead or Damljanovic will catch up with the leaders?

Update 16:05

Karpov and Damljanovic started with a King’s Indian with g3 and black chose a rare system with c6 and Qb6. The ex-world champion is a bit surprised and is still thinking.

Update 16:07

Ivanisevic and Iordachescu are playing a main line in the Grunfeld. White seems to be a bit better.

Update 16:17

Kiril Georgiev reached a Benoni via the 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 c5 move order against Atalik. Black used the common Qe7 to stop e2-e4 and white decided to develop with g3 instead of the more ambitious Bg5 or Bf4 and then e3.

Update 16:25

Stojanovic is lacking space (a common problem for him in this tournament) against Nikolic and is a little worse, despite his two bishops

Update 16:27

Pavasovic and Roiz exchanged queens on move 10 and they are playing an equal endgame now.

Update 16:38

Ivanisevic avoided main theory on move 13. Maybe he was caught by surprise on the move before

Update 16:42

Georgiev played a rare Ne4 move, which leaves black a little undeveloped and the game will show whether it is good or not. Karpov chose a plan with e4 conquering a lot of space. Damljanovic, however, has good counterchances. Pavasovic and Roiz are still playing an equal endgame. Only Roiz can try to fight for something here. Stojanovic is thinking how to free his passive position, which won’t be easy.

Update 17:00

Iordachescu equalized successfully in the Grunfeld. The position holds a lot of dynamic resourses and Ivanisevic is an excellent tactician. Kiril Georgiev hasn’t developed his pieces yet and may encounter some problems as the game progresses. Pavasovic is still thinking how to make it safe to the endgame against Roiz.

Valjevo Ivan Ivanisevic

Ivan Ivanisevic

Update 17:15

Karpov’s position is still very unclear… There will be a serious battle for the d4 point. Iordachescu not only equalized the Grunfeld, but he is even a little better. Roiz is also fighting for an advantage.

Update 17:20

Atalik is repeating moves for a draw. Georgiev doesn’t seem to have a choice, for he will be slightly worse if he declines.
Ivanisevic lost a pawn but has some compensation.

Update 17:25

Georgiev agreed to the draw.

Update 17:28

Roiz finally has some chances. He abandoned the d-line, but his minor pieces are better than the opponent’s.

Update 17:36

Nothing new with Nikolic and Stojanovic, white still has a slight edge. The question is can he maintain it and will black have the patience not to create any weaknesses. 19…e6 20.Bf4 Qa6! looks good for Iordachescu.

Update 17:41

Damljanovic should play b6, but he is thinking whether to exchange on f3 first, which doesn’t look good. He played b6 at once and threatens to win the fight for d4.

Update 17:45

Iordachescu gets a serious advantage with Qxc5 21.Bxc5 b3!

Update 17:50

Karpov retreated the Nf3 so it can fight for the d4 point later, instead of being destroyed by the Bg4.

Update 17:54

Still nothing new from Nikolic and Stojanovic, white played e3-e4 showing his intentions of launching a kingside attack, where there are less defenders. Pavasovic and Roiz agreed a draw.

Update 17:57

Nikolic played the smart 21.Na5 which displaces a black piece.

Update 17:59

Iordachescu missed b3! and after 21..Nc4 22.Rxd5! is a bit worse. In Karpov’s game both players are heading to time trouble.

Update 18:05

Ivanisevic is still thinking over 22.Rxd5! Nikolic is slowly improving his position.

Valjevo day 3 GM Predrag Nikolic

Predrag Nikolic

Update 18:16

Ivanisevic finally played 22.Rxd5! and will fight for the win! a simetrical endgame with two bishops for Ivan will be reached.

Update 18:26

14…e6 looks ok for Damljanovic, but he is still reconsidering other possibilities.

Update 18:33

Iordachescu is considering the possibility of giving two pieces for a rook and a pawn, instead of heading for the position against two bishops with Nxb2.

Update 18:38

Stojanovic finally tries to free himself with e5, but after 26.d5! Nikolic maintains the pressure.

Update 18:44

Iordachescu gave the two pieces and has good drawing chances. Karpov gained more space and finally we can state he has an advantage. 14…Nc6 was probably not best, 14…e6 was right.

Update 18:55

Ivanisevic will try to attack the black queenside pawns with his king, knight and bishop – it’s his only chance to win. Damljanovic found the strong 17…b5! and now Karpov is thinking how to keep his advantage. Nikolic will probably win, black is too cramped.

Update 19:10

Karpov chose the cautious b3 and now after 18…Nb6 and a possible f7-f5 in the future, black is ok

Update 19:15

A magnificent idea by Ivanisevic! After Bd4! and the inevitable Bb2, black’s rook is traped and the game is instantly over. After Iordachesku missed a serious advantage (21…b3!) and made the crucial mistake 21…Nc4? Ivanisevic showed his great tactical skills.

Update 19:30

Karpov played 19.Rf2 – typical prophilactic move for the ex-world champion. Stojanovic is still struggling against Nikolic. Iordachescu is losing his rook and may resign already.

Update 19:41

After the sharp 19…f5 Damljanovich will try to show Karpov he chose a wrong time for a move like 19.Rf2, but Karpov reacted with the strong 20.Nc3! with the idea of bc4 21.e5! and the Bg7 turns into a spectator. Once again the ex-world champion showed great class in predicting and countering the opponent’s actions.

Update 20:00

A draw was agreed by Karpov and Damljanovic… quite strange, Karpov just gained a permanent advantage by locking the Bg7 out of play.

Update 20:05

Nikolic won the exchange, but Stojanovic has a pawn and two bishops. However, the active rooks and the weakened black king give white winning chances.

Update 20:07

Black sacrificed his queen and has a rook, bishop and pawn for it. It looks like a draw.

Update 20:25

Mihajlo could managed to defend his pieces, but fell into a mate threat. It will be over soon. Only two weak moves by Black, 50…Bd8 and 52…Ba4, were enough for Nikolic to catch exposed Black King into the mating net.

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