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Roiz beats Karpov in Round 7!

Roiz and Atalik win in round 7 to take the lead with 5.0 points. Updates and light commentary

Live games from Valjevo

Hello and welcome to the live games and updates from Valjevo 2007 featuring Karpov, Georgiev, Nikolic, Atalik, Stojanovic, Ivanisevic, Iordachescu, Roiz, and Pavasovic. Scroll down to find the games and the updates posted every 15 minutes. The live action starts at 16:00 CET.

Standings after round 7:

1. GM Roiz Michael 2616 ISR 5.0
1. GM Atalik Suat 2584 TUR 5.0
3. GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2614 SRB 4.5
4. GM Karpov Anatoly 2668 RUS 4.0
4. GM Damljanovic Branko 2585 SRB 4.0
6. GM Nikolic Predrag 2631 BIH 3.0
6. GM Georgiev Kiril 2653 BUL 3.0
8. IM Stojanovic Mihajlo 2588 SRB 2.5
9. GM Iordachescu Viorel 2587 MDA 2.0
9. GM Pavasovic Dusko 2567 SLO 2.0

Commented games

Karpov – Nikolic and Georgiev – Roiz – Comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov
Stojanovic – Georgiev – Comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov
Iordachescu – Stojanovic – Comments by Goran Urosevic

Thematic Week

Chessdom has scheduled interviews with a number of prominent chess figures. For now, check out the interviews with Lodi 2007 winner GM Jan Werle and Gorenje 2007 participant GM Michael Roiz. We also have great insights by David Glickman and Peter Doggers. More to come…

Update 16:10

Game Michael Roiz-Anatoly Karpov might knock one of the leaders down. The starting moves are shaping Nimzo-Indian defence, the same line Karpov played with White in Round 4 against Georgiev

Suat Atalik and Viorel Iordachescu are playing something close to Marshall Gambit, with moves h3 and Rb8 included. Predrag Nikolic playing his third Dutch defence in this tournament. Kiril Georgiev immediately showing aggressive intentions on the queenside.

Valjevo 7 Roiz-Karpov

Michael Roiz – Anatoly Karpov

Update 16:20

Mihajlo Stojanovic and Dusko Pavasovic have started with the line similar to Karpov-Ivanisevic from the 2nd round. Opening transposed to Advanced Tarrasch defence. This is not the first time Pavasovic deviated from his favorite Semi-Slav, he already has one win against Domen Krumpacnik in this system

Update 16:35

More common move order in Roiz-Karpov is 10…Nd2 11. Bd2 Qc5 and almost all games finished in a draw. The two can still transpose into this line. If Karpov feels like playing for a win, he might try 10…Qc5 11. Rc1 (Nf3) Nd2 and perhaps d4

Update 16:45

Damljanovic-Ivanisevic has started. The Queens already went off, and we predict quick draw between the team-mates

Update 16:50

Perhaps better solution for Georgiev was 13. bc6 bc6 and then Ba3 or Bd2. Now Nikolic can open c-file for himself by 13…cb5 with Qd7, Rfc8 to follow, creating some pressure against c4 pawn

Valjevo 7 Georgiev-Nikolic

Kiril Georgiev – Predrag Nikolic

Update 16:55

Mihajlo Stojanovic-Dusko Pavasovic unexpectedly ended with a draw. Also our prediction for Damljanovic-Ivanisevic comes true – draw after 12 moves. Three games still in progress

Update 17:10

Atalik is famous over his poisonous opening preparation. His Marshall hybrid with Rb8 got a perfect sense after he played b4 to open b-file. Atalik knows that Iordachescu is “bleeding” after two consecutive losses, he wants to take the advantage of the situation and extend his lead.

Update 17:25

Predrag Nikolic made a mistake with 14…e5 (better was simply 14…cb5), and now Georgiev has clear extra pawn anchored on the 7th rank. 19. Rfd1 might have been small inaccuracy, stronger was 19. Rb2 and if Ng4, White has Rc1. Now if 19. Rfd1 Ng4 Kiril can sacrifice with 20. Nde4 (other square make the Knight too clumsy) fe4 21. Rd8 Rd8 22. Ne4 where b7 pawn gives him wonderful winning perspective.

Update 17:45

Karpov played a 12…Nf6 novelty against Roiz. Earlier was seen 12…a5 13. b5 Ne5 14. Bb2 Ng4 15. Nh3 0-0 in Drozdovskij – Almashi 2007.

Alexander Riazantsev

GM Alexander Riazantsev, Karpov’s coach

Update 18:00

Suat Atalik is holding slight development advantage with Black against Viorel Iordachescu. 19…Qd1 and Nb4 is the most probably continuation.

Update 18:05

Kiril Georgiev rightfully decided to sacrifice with 20. Nde4 obtaining a huge advantage against Nikolic. 22. Bc5! and 24. Ne3! were particularly strong. Inferior was immediate 24. b8-Q Nb8 25. Bb8 Bc4 and Black gets some activity. There is no need to hurry with the promotion, Black pieces will be constantly tied for b8. Now 27. Bb6 and 28. c5 should call the curtains.

Update 18:15

Iordachescu played 22. Bb3 (stronger was Be2 to cover d3) and allowed Atalik to park his Knight on d3 – 22…Nd3 23. Bc3 Bc4 24. Bc4 Nb2 means advantage for Black.

Update 18:55

Michael Roiz obtained his favorite pair of Bishops against Anatoly Karpov. This is the fifth game out of seven rounds that Roiz is operating with two Bishops.

Update 19:05

Nikolic is trying to setup a blockade against Georgiev’s passers on the queenside, but soon 5 pawns will prove to be too much for one piece only. Georgiev can also advance his kingside majority and create passed pawn on other side, stretching Nikolic’s pieces to the point of wreck.

Update 19:15

Atalik is about to win another pawn against Iordachescu. With two pawns down, White’s only hope are combined activity of the Rook and Bishop. But is seems like Atalik has firm control on the game.

Valjevo day 3 GM Suat Atalik

Suat Atalik

Update 19:20

Suat Atalik beat Viorel Iordachescu to grab the leading spot after the 7th round! He can be caught only by Karpov or Roiz, in case their game doesn’t end with a draw.

Update 19:35

Georgiev wasted some of the advantage by maneuvering his Knight too much. He still is better, though.

Update 19:45

Kiril Georgiev can gain decisive advantage with 51. g5!

Update 20.20

Georgiev played inferior 51. h5, but Nikolic also slipped with 52…Ng5. Fine underpromotion 53. f8=N gives decisive advantage to White

Update 20.35

Michael Roiz won a piece against Karpov and now has decisive advantage!

Michael Roiz

Michael Roiz

Update 20.40

Karpov resigned on move 44! Congratulations to young Israeli Michael Roiz who is now leading together with Suat Atalik! Make sure to read the interview with Michael Roiz.

Update 20.55

Kiril Georgiev won the endgame against Predrag Nikolic. Thank you everyone for following, make sure to be here tomorrow at 10:00 EST/16:00 CET for the 8th round?

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