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Roiz and Atalik going equal into the last round

Their direct encounter will decide on the tournament winner!

Kalin Karakehayov

IM Karakehayov

Live games from Valjevo

Hello and welcome to the live games and updates from Valjevo 2007 featuring Karpov, Georgiev, Nikolic, Atalik, Stojanovic, Ivanisevic, Iordachescu, Roiz, and Pavasovic. Scroll down to find the games and the updates posted every 15 minutes. The live action starts at 16:00 CET.

IM Karakehayov will join us today with live commentary of the games. IM Karakehayov is one of the teachers in the “online chess academy” of Chessdom that opens in a few days. If you have a question about the online academy or you want to sign up contact us for details.

Standings after round 8:

1. GM Roiz Michael 2616 ISR 6.0
1. GM Atalik Suat 2584 TUR 6.0
3. GM Karpov Anatoly 2668 RUS 5.0
4. GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2614 SRB 4.5
5. GM Damljanovic Branko 2585 SRB 4.0
5. GM Nikolic Predrag 2631 BIH 4.0
7. GM Georgiev Kiril 2653 BUL 3.5
8. IM Stojanovic Mihajlo 2588 SRB 2.5
8. GM Iordachescu Viorel 2587 MDA 2.5
10. GM Pavasovic Dusko 2567 SLO 2.0

Commented games

Karpov – Nikolic and Georgiev – Roiz – Comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov
Stojanovic – Georgiev – Comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov
Iordachescu – Stojanovic – Comments by Goran Urosevic

Thematic Week

Chessdom has scheduled interviews with a number of prominent chess figures. For now, check out the interviews with Lodi 2007 winner GM Jan Werle and Gorenje 2007 participant GM Michael Roiz. We also have great insights by David Glickman. More to come…

Valjevo day 8 Sala 1 Valjevo day 8 Sala 2

Round 8 in progress

Valjevo 16:00

Games started! Nikolic surprised Pavasovic with the very rare 6.Nbd2 instead of the main line 6.Nc3 and on move 7 they are already in a completely unknown position.

Valjevo 16:05

Karpov and Stojanovic are playing a French with 3…de4 followed by Bc8-d7-c6.

Valjevo 16:11

Ivanisevic tried to surprise Roiz with another rare line 5.h3 in a 4…a6 Slav defence. This move is directed against black’s idea of Bg4 or Bf5 so 5…e6 followed.

Valjevo 16:20

Kiril Georgiev and Iordachescu are playing the most central line of The Catalan. Damljanovic played a King’s indian again and chose a very strange setup Nc6, a5, e5. Atalik already has an advantage.

Valjevo 16:25

Roiz didn’t wait for the aggressive 8.g4, which would probably follow after the common 7…Bd6 and took 7…dc4 right away.

Valjevo day 8 Ivanisevic Roiz

Ivan Ivanisevic – Michael Roiz

Valjevo 16:30

Kiril Georgiev gave the opponent two bishops, but if his knights win the fight for the central squares, he will have an advantage.

Valjevo 16:33

Karpov played Ba6!? and now black regrouping with Bb7 and c5 is a lot more complicated

Valjevo 16:37

Pavasovic went into a deep think after 8.Rc1. Atalik played 10.Bg5, a good move in this type of position. Georgiev and Iordachescu is completely equal now.

Valjevo 16:40

Ivanisevic again showed the opening is not his stronger side – Roiz has at least equalized.

Valjevo 16:41

Iordachescu played c5 before developing his Nb8, but he still looks ok.

Valjevo 16:45

After 11.Qd2 Atalik has a clear advantage. Nikolic has an advantage after 9.Bxc4.

Valjevo day 8 Atalik Damljanovic

Suat Atalik – Branko Damljanovic

Valjevo 16:50

Аfter c4, Bf4 and Ne5 Karpov will have an advantage. Nikolic took Nxc4 which is also good, white has good chances for a slow queenside attack.

Valjevo 16:55

Very serious mistake by Stojanovic, but Karpov missed the chance to play 14.d5! Bb4 15.de6 Re8 16.Ng5! fe6 17.Bd2 Bd2 18.Qd2 with a serious and permanent advantage. After 14…Nb8 Stojanovic holds his position.

Valjevo 17:01

Ivanisevic – Roiz are completely equal. Damljanovic isn’t close to any type of counter play in his passive position.

Valjevo 17:05

Karpov established a very strong knight on c6.

Valjevo 17:20

It wont be easy for Stojanovic to fight with a knight on c6. The sooner he manages to push it away, the better. But we know how good is Karpov in predicting and countering the opponent’s actions. Bf8 was not very good and now Karpov has a big advantage.

Valjevo day 8 Karpov Stojanovic

Anatoly Karpov – Mihajlo Stojanovic

Valjevo 17:28

Pavasovic has a slightly worse position and is behind on the clock.

Valjevo 17:30

Damljanovic’s 13…h4 can’t be a good move. He is worse. Still complete equality in Ivanisevic – Roiz and in Georgiev – Iordachescu also.

Valjevo 17:35

Bxf6! by Karpov was very strong – with every exchange the Nc6 becomes stronger, and the Rb7 – weaker.

Valjevo 17:55

After a5 Pavasovic gets some counter play. Karpov is thinking how to convert his big advantage into a point, probably with d5 now or later.

Valjevo day 8 Georgiev Jordakesku

Kiril Georgiev – Viorel Iodrachescu

Valjevo 17:57

Atalik decided to play on the kingside – nothing good awaits black there. Ivanisevic – Roiz still equal. And Georgiev – Iordachescu also.

Valjevo 18:00

A strange retreat 16.Be2 by Nikolic. Qg4 looked better.

Valjevo 18:10

Karpov’s big think had a point, after Nb8? he is winning with Rg3!

Valjevo 18:23

Karpov played Rg3! and black is lost. Stojanovic’s only chance for resistance is 21…e5

Valjevo 18:30

After 21..f5 22.Qh4! with 23.Nf6! h6 24.Qxh6+! idea Karpov wins a beautiful game.

Valjevo 18:34

Kiril Georgiev still in an equal symmetrical position, but that is certainly not something he doesn’t like

Valjevo 18:43

Ivanisevic is ready to double his pawn to create a weakness on a5. Pavasovic sacrificed a whole piece! It doesn’t look like he will have any compensation.

Valjevo day 8 Nikolic Pavasovic

Predrag Nikolic – Dusko Pavasovic

Valjevo 18:55

Beautiful Queen sacrifice by Karpov! Classical book attack and Stojanovic is mated.

Valjevo 19:35

After 29…Bf6 30. Nde6 Re8 31. Rc1! (preventing Nc6) Kiril Georgiev has stable advantage. Ivanisevic-Roiz is just equal and Atalik is better against Damljanovic

Valjevo 19:40

Atalik’s light-squared Bishop might be shooting in his own pawns, but Damljanovic has serious problems with various weaknesses – b7, e6, g6. Atalik can prepare c5 now, keeping the extra a5 pawn.

Valjevo 19:50

Pavasovic tried suspicious piece sacrifice after 17…c5?, but with couple of determinated moves – 22. Rc7! and 24. Be6! (fe6 Qb3!), Nikolic gained decisive advantage.

Valjevo 19:50

Nikolic just missed beautiful move 25. Ne4!! with the mating combination. 25. Ne4 Rd1 26. Bf7! He is still winning, though.

Valjevo 20:05

33. Bd5 should finally clinch Nikolic-Pavasovic. Atalik is increasing his advantage, now 32…Rg6 33. cd6 cd6 34. Nf2! Rh7 35. Nh1-g3 is looking strong

Valjevo 20:15

Nikolic wins against Pavasovic after setting up nice zugzwang.

Valjevo 20:45

Ivan Ivanisevic made a mistake with 34. Qd2 allowing Roiz to win a pawn. White later tried to impose tactical threats with his Queen and Knight, but Roiz kept cool head and collected more pawns. Ivanisevic resigned on move 52 and Roiz is now leading the tournament with 6.0 points.

Valjevo day 3 GM Suat Atalik Michael Roiz

Direct last-round duel for the first place

Valjevo 20:50

Atalik finally breaks Damljanovic’s resistance to join Michael Roiz in the lead. Exciting last round tomorrow!

Valjevo 21:15

Kiril Georgiev and Viorel Iordachescu drew their game and this closes our coverage for today. Join us again tomorrow at 10:00 EST/16:00 CET for the last round of Gorenje 2007!

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