Vladimir Bagirov Memorial in Riga

Vladimir Bagirov

Riga Chess Federation, Alexei Shirov and Riga Armenian Society are organizing Vladimir Bagirov Memorial which will take place on 20th September from 17:30 in Riga, Latvia.
The blitz tournament with 12 rounds and the time control 3+3 is being held on the initiative of GM Daniel Fridman, who is flying in from Germany on his own account in order to participate.
Alexei Shirov’s small contribution and symbolic entry fees form the prize fund.
Bagirov’s long time friend Evgeny Sveshnikov and Bagirov’s pupil Normunds Miezis are also expected to play.
Vladimir Bagirov (Baku, August 16, 1936 – Finland, July 21, 2000) was a Soviet-Latvian Grandmaster, author, and trainer. He played in ten USSR Championships, with his best result being fourth place in his debut in 1960. Bagirov was World Senior Champion in 1998. He passed away while playing a tournament game in the Heart of Finland Open. Read more.
Players list:
1 GM Shirov Alexei ESP 2713
2 GM Fridman Daniel GER 2652
3 GM Miezis Normunds LAT 2534
4 GM Sveshnikov Evgeny LAT 2504
5 IM Neiksans Arturs LAT 2502
6 IM Sveshnikov Vladimir LAT 2412
7 MK Shulman Vladlen LAT 2324
8 WGM Berzina Ilze LAT 2307
9 FM Lavendelis Egons LAT 2303
10 FM Grasis Janis LAT 2296
11 M Mustaps Matiss LAT 2288
12 M Karklins Imants LAT 2250
13 FM Krustkalns Kristaps LAT 2245
14 M Makovskis Georgijs LAT 2237
15 MK Agafonov Yuri LAT 2223
16 MK Kretainis Kristaps LAT 2222
17 MK Khachatrian Aram S ARM 2190
18 MK Volodins Igors LAT 2174
19 M Daudzvardis Janis LAT 2152
20 MK Nevickis Nikolajs LAT 2081
21 MK Nevickis Arturs LAT 2022
22 MK Melderis Uldis LAT 2011
23 I Birģelis Jānis LAT 1953
24 I Lielmezs Girts LAT 1947
25 MK Selivanovs Anatolijs LAT 1903

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