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Morozevich – Aronian live!

World Chess Championship live commentary with IM Miodrag Perunovic

Alexander Morozevich – Levon Aronian

Morozevich and Aronian have played a number of rapid games already, with Moro having better scores. However, in the classical games, Aronian won their encounter at the Tal memorial last year and the games in Morelia-Linares 2007 have ended in draws. Imagination is a key element for both players and they engaged in a complex and entertaining struggle.

As usual, both players entered in the game with very original play. White tried to open the h-file as soon as possible, but black replied with a strong novelty 11…e5. Thus, there were no structural problem for Aronian and he had a smooth opening. The Armenian soon pushed on the fairly exposed king of Morozevich. However, after some active defence, Morozevich was able to convert the game into a into drawish ending. A very interesting draw with many challenging plans in the middlegame.


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