Winners of the ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships

It was a big day for many participants at the 16th ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships 2015 as the final round of standard chess concluded and the many winners announced.

For 15 year old Tin Jingyao from Singapore it was perhaps the most memorable as winning the Open U-20 event not only won Singapore’s first ever individual Gold in ASEAN competition but also gave him the direct IM title and a GM title norm.

WIM Bernadette Galas from the Philippines was an equally convincing winner of the Girls U-20 as she very early saw off intense competition from her peers from a golden generation of women talent and for her effort also gained a very nice championship title together with a GM title norm.

In the overall standings it was Vietnam who was the big winner with 23 Gold out of 47 Medals won which was well ahead of the Philippines with just 8 Gold from 30 Medals and Mongolia with 5 Gold from 17 Medals.

Hosts Singapore would have been happy to be fourth with 4 Gold from 12 Medals, young Lee Qing Aun also coming good with a fine performance to win Open U-14 and helping the Singapore U-14 team to team Gold.

Vietnam Girls U-14

No. / Name / FED / Category / Title / Norm
1 Hoang Minh Hieu VIE Open U8 CM
2 Tong Hai Anh VIE Open U8 CM
3 Zuo Yifan CHN Open U10 CM
4 Nguyen Lam Tung VIE Open U10 CM
5 Dambasuren Batsuren MGL Open U12 FM
7 Daniel Hermawan Lumban Tobing INA Open U12 CM
8 Lee Qing Aun SIN Open U14 FM
10 Tan Jun Hao SIN Open U14 CM
11 Tran Minh Thang VIE Open U16 FM IM
12 Samantila Daryl Unix PHI Open U16 CM
13 Boldoo Erdenepurev MGL Open U16 CM
14 Lu Chan Hung VIE Open U18 IM
15 Tin Jingyao SIN Open U20 IM GM
16 Bui Trong Hao VIE Open U20 IM
17 Nguyen Hoang Thai Ngoc VIE Girls U8 WCM
18 Nguyen Linh Dan VIE Girls U8 WCM
19 Enkhbolor Nyamdavaa MGL Girls U8 WCM
20 Altantuya Boldbaatar MGL Girls U10 WCM
21 Sebastian Mhage Gerriahlou PHI Girls U10 WCM
22 Bommini Mounika Akshaya IND Girls U12 WFM
23 Zhang Jasmine Haomo NZL Girls U12 WCM
24 Nguyen Hong Anh VIE Girls U14 WCM
25 Legowo Parahita Millyena INA Girls U16 WFM WIM
27 Osena Alexis Anne PHI Girls U16 WCM
28 Chitlange Sakshi IND Girls U18 WIM
29 Galas Bernadette PHI Girls U20 WGM
30 Tejaswini Sagar IND Girls U20 WFM WIM
31 San Diego Marie Antoinette PHI Girls U20 WIM

Philippines Girls U-14

As a newly designated continental championship there were increased title and norm opportunities for the players and there were no less than 31 of which one (Tin) got a GM norm, one more (Galas) got a WGM norm and two got IM norms and three WIM norms.

Lu Chan Hung from Vietnam and Chitlange Sakshi from India, Open U-18 and Girls U-18 winners respectively would have been particularly happy that they also got direct IM and WIM titles.

The full list of winners and all the results are at the official website www.aseanagegroupchess.com.

Report by Peter Long




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