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World Chess Champions 2023 crowned in WSCC

The FIDE World School Chess Championship 2023, a part of the 4th Rhodes Chess Festival, is in the books. The event took place from April 13 – 23, 2023, at the Rodos Palace Resort Hotel.  A very demanding and highly competitive event came to an end, with the winners crowned in each category. Round 9 started with a fast quick between WFM Anastasia Kirtadze and Lilian Eshkol, with Anastasia securing 1st place in her section. The players, coming into the final 9th round as the leaders, secured titles in almost all the categories. The only exception was U17 section where FM Adam Tarhan came out on top after scoring an important victory, while his main rival Azeri FM Suleyman Suleymanli drew his game although he had some winning chances in the final position.

Replay gamesU17 / U15 / U13 / U11 / U09 / U07 / Girls U17 / Girls U15 / Girls U13 / Girls U11 / Girls U09

Final standing in the open categories:


  1. McCallum, Elliot (8) CAN
  2. Nurshin, Nurali (7.5) KAZ
  3. Ulan, Rizat (7) KAZ


  1. Kiringoda, Thehas Rithmitha (7.5) SRI
  2. Bissaliyev, Aisultan (7) KAZ
  3. Zhauynbay, Alimzhan (7) KAZ


  1. Yilmaz, Baver (8) TUR
  2. Obidov, Biloliddin (7) UZB
  3. Kuandykuly, Danis (6.5) KAZ


  1. Durucay, Uygar (9) TUR
  2. Tenguundalai, Ganbat (7.5) MGL
  3. Mamedov, Edgar (7) KAZ


  1. Kiladze, Luka (6) GEO
  2. FM Celik, Hasan Huseyin TUR
  3. Raczek, Krzysztof (5.5) POL


  1. FM Tarhan, Adar (7.5) TUR
  2. FM Suleymanli, Suleyman (7) AZE
  3. FM Filip, Andrei (6.5) ROU

In the U13 Yugar Durucay became the only player of the tournament to score outstanting 9 out of 9, after his victory over Kuanysh Dzhumakanov in the final round.

In the girls’ categories, there was no change in the final rankings after the last round. The top trios in all sections preserved their positions.


1. Gerelt-Oyu, Tsogtgerel (8) MGL
2. Kinzyabulatova, Reana (7.5) FID
3. Rayna, Ajay Patel (7) IND


1. Berikkyzy, Alanna (8) KAZ
2. Tselmuun, Ider (8) MGL
3. Zhu, Alicia (7) USA


1. Buyankhishig, Batpelden (8) MGL
2. Pehlivanova, Aleksandra (6.5) BUL
3. Diaskyzy, Daliya (6.5) KAZ


1. Siskou, Evangelia (7,5) GRE
2. Urangoo, Gurvanbaatar(7,5) MGL
3. Sodgerelt, Naranbold (6.5) MGL


1. WFM Kirtadze, Anastasia (7,5) GEO
2. Regidor, Kaye Lalaine (7) PHI
3. WCM Yildiz, Elif Zeren (6.5) TUR


1. WIM Kairbekova, Amina (8) KAZ
2. WFM Ciftci, Zeynep (7.5) TUR
3. Akat, Elifnaz (6.5) TUR

The battle between the compatriots from Mongolia in the U13 Gurvanbaatar Urangoo – Naranbold Sodgerelt decided the 2nd and 3rd places in the category. Aleksandra Pehlivanova’s win over Kateryna Onipko lifted her to 2nd place on the podium in the U11 category.

Closing Ceremony

The Rhodes Chess Club “Ippotis” organized a huge celebration at the closing ceremony full of music, colors and endless smiles. The “Jupiter” hall was overflowed with feelings of joy, emotion, a sample of a perfectly organized event.

World Chess Championship 2023 in Astana: Nepo – Ding game 1 / Ding – Nepo game 2 / Nepo – Ding game 3 / Nepo – Ding game 4 / Nepo – Ding game 5 / Nepo – Ding game 6 / Nepo – Ding game 7 / Nepo – Ding game 8 / Nepo – Ding game 9 / Nepo – Ding game 10 / Nepo – Ding game 11

The ceremony was attended by Kallistos Diakogeorgiou (Deputy Governor of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources) on behalf of the South Aegean Region, the President of ECU Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the General Secretary of ECU Theodoros Tzorbatzoglou, the President of the Rhodes Chess Club “Ippotis” Stamos Karavas, the President of the Mongolian Chess Federation Erdenebaatar Gurvanbaatar, the Turkish Consul in Rhodes Salim Kirciali, the Vice Presidents of ECU Gunnar Bjornsson, Eva Repkova, Alojzije Jankovic, Jean Michel Rapaire and FIDE representative  Ozgur Solakoglu.

The closing ceremony started with a wonderful concert by the youth choir of Michalis Kalaitzis followed by traditional dances performed by the dance group “Proodos”. Both acts enthralled all those present who clapped rhythmically to the Greek beat.

The awards ceremony started with the Deputy Governor Mr. Kallistos Diakogeorgiou giving the trophies and customized medals to the G17 category, followed by Mr. Salim Kirciali with the U17 category, Ms. Eva Repkova in the G15, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili in the U15, Mr. Theodoros Dzorbatzoglu in G13, Mr. Ozgur Solakoglu in U13, Mr. Erdenebaatar Gurvanbaatar in G11, Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson in U11, Mr. Jean Michel Rapaire in G09, Alojzije Jankovic in G07 and Mr. Giorgos Mastrokoukos – on behald of the organizing committee – in U07.

The top 3 countries (medalists) of WSCC 2023 are:
Kazakhstan 9 (2 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze)
Turkey 7 (3 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Mongolia 6 (2 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze)

The championships were a joint event of the Rhodes Chess Club “Ippotis” with the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes through the Municipal Organization of Culture and Sports (DOPAR) under the auspices of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Hellenic Chess Federation (ESO).

The organizers express their gratidude to the event’s sponsors: Xenakis Cars, Beekeeping of Dodecanese, J&D Rent a Car, Rodos Palace Hotel, Radio Taxi Diagoras, Accounting Office of Papadimitriou and Associates (Papadimitriou Panagiotis), AtHolidays, Cafe Auvergne & Restaurant Romaio, Tropaion, Odeon of Dodecanese and the communication sponsors Eleftheros Typos

To facilitate transportation, Mr. Nikos Xenakis (Xenakis Cars) as the sponsor of electric mobility, provided 3 modern cars (electric – hybrid) covering the needs for the transportation of the organization’s executives.

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